Don’t Miss These Podcasts in 2017

Next time you have a late night editing photos, we’ve got your ear candy already figured out. Don't miss these podcasts in 2017!

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Next time you have a late night editing photos, we’ve got your ear candy already figured out. First created in 2004, podcasts are one of our favorite media. Easily consumable on mobile, they’re great content for your transit, your workout -- or while you’re shooting or editing!

In the same way that your phone’s camera has made photography more accessible, podcasts have made it simpler to create and distribute audio content to inspire, inform, and teach.

So whether you’re bored of your music library or looking to feed your brain, here are ten podcasts you should be tuning into:

Film Photography Project

Film is alive and well! This dying art has resurged within the last few years to make a tremendous comeback. With so many photographers wanting to learn how to take the art back to basics, this podcast hits home. They cover everything from pocket film cameras to large format, including nitty gritty details about how film works. If you are looking to invest in a film camera, these folks will give you all the info you need to know before making your purchase. It’s a great podcast for seasoned and novice film photographers alike.

The Sharp End

If you’re into climbing, mountaineering, hiking, skiing, or any other outdoor activity, Ashley Saupe’s podcast tells stories about incidents and accidents that can happen in the wilderness. Listen to this series to learn the do’s and don’ts of adventuring. And if you’re into volunteer work, she’ll also tell you how to help keep your favorite trails accessible and even be a part of a search and rescue program.

My Brother, My Brother, and Me.

This podcast is hosted by three brothers who review Yahoo Answers and other questions that their listeners submit. At times, the questions turn into long, hilarious discussions. The guys cover everyday topics like dating, movies, the 90s, airport experiences, late night food drives, etc. Their content’s mix of relatability and humor is what keeps listeners engaged and makes this station worth the listen.

NPR: Civics 101

Remember Civics class? A lot of us were probably bored to death, sitting in a classroom, learning about government. Well, being in the know now is more important than ever. Civics 101 gives you a chance to recap some of the most important things you have definitely forgotten about the US government. We promise you’ll realize the topic is way more interesting now than it was before.

Stuff You Should Know

This fun, creative, and informative podcast discusses all types of topics. Every episode is formatted like a “Did you know…?” question. For those looking to learn a more about “optical illusions, murder mysteries, the Black Panthers, micro-animals, or living without a bank account, this podcast is your go-to. It’s not only interesting, but it dives deep into history to give you a full view of the issues.

Innovative Language

Have you ever wanted to learn a language but not had time to study? Innovative Language has created a multi-platform program which includes apps, online resources, one-on-one teachers, and podcasts. With over 30+ language choices, their podcasts make it incredibly easy to start learning. Each podcast starts with basics and slowly progresses to intermediate, before moving to advanced comprehensive listening.

JRE Podcast

You’ve most likely seen him do stand-up comedy, host Fear Factor, or commentate UFC events. Joe Rogan Experience is one of the most popular podcasts out there. Joe interviews authors, artists, commentators, and many others, in this long-form conversation style podcast. His discussions range from political to everyday topics. His forwardness and candor are definitely what makes his podcast so popular.

This American Life: Serial

If you are into crime podcasts, Serial is an internet famous podcast hosted by Sarah Koenig, an investigative journalist who digs into the legal trial around the murder of Hae Min Li. In this series, Sarah revisits the investigation of the 1999 murder through a series of interviews with alleged murderer Adnan Syed and other related witnesses. The podcast was praised as ground-breaking, as it unveiled new connections and evidence -- resulting in the case reopening. The American Life also has a new podcast series called S-Town, which is already a huge follow-up hit.

Slumber Party with Alie and Georgia

In pajamas, with the lights turned off, comedians Alie and Georgia set up a fort in the middle of an apartment. They crawl inside, and the podcast begins. The topics range from dating to Netflix to drinking habits. They are super quick-witted and brazenly open to any kind of discussion with their guests. And while Alie and Georgia interview other comedians, actors, authors, and celebrities, you can’t help but remember that they are inside of a pillow fort. If you are looking for some girl power, ghost stories, and laughs, be sure to give them a listen.


Pop culture, movies, video games, music, and much more. Who wouldn’t want all of these things in a podcast? If you love media, the Nerdist is for you. Get to know some of your favorite celebrities, geek out on your favorite movies, and even get the inside scoop on popular cartoons. It’s basically the ComiCon of podcasts. With interviews from so many respected guests, you are sure to find a handful of episodes you’re excited about.

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