‘Domino’: A Moment Film by Tiger in a Jar

'Domino': A Moment Film by Tiger In a Jar. To find yourself is to tip the domino that enables others to find themselves as well.

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We tried to capture the way it feels to watch someone really living their life – to the deepest, fullest extent. Often that manifests itself in a person mastering a skill that lets them have an escape from reality. Who doesn’t need or want that?! It’s that “domino effect” of watching someone fully delve into their life, which in turn makes another do the same for themselves. In this introspect they learn from others, from the earth, from themselves – and inevitably their world is made bigger.

As you watch this dancer you can’t help but be pulled into her world of movement and grace. At the same time something is found within the viewer, a desire to pursue their own passion. To feel the freeness that an effortless leap, a steady brush stroke, or a piano played perfectly, can provide.

Tiger In a Jar

Tiger in a Jar is a filmmaking company that creates films with the hope to guide people through experiences and stories, real or imaginative, and inspire them to have a personal reaction to it. With the ability to edit what the eyes sees and the ear hears we hope to offer a familiar, yet new, take on everyday life. We are based in Salt Lake City, UT.

Instagram: @tigerinajar

Website: tigerinajar.com

Vimeo: vimeo.com/mrwalker

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