Designing The $1 Phone Case

Read about our design journey to creating the world's first $1 case, $2 waterproof case, and $3 wireless battery case for iPhone and Pixel.

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This was the biggest design challenge we’ve ever faced. Harder than multi-element aspherical glasses lenses or photography battery cases….creating the first $1 case challenged everything we stood for: overpriced, never on-time, phone accessories.

Over the last four years in building Moment, we’ve come to learn that people want three things: cheap, free, and delivered yesterday. Inspired by the Amazon shipping box, we set-out to create the first all natural, cheap-as-shit, cardboard case for your expensive phone.

After hours spent trying, we believe we have accomplished your dreams...a $1, $2, and a $3 case.

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The Perfect Shape

When we started this project, we went back to the beginning of photography. Studying shape and form, we spent hours searching Google for the perfect design we could copy. One that was iconic and yet fit to the modern age design aesthetics of curved metal and rounded edges. After several hours, we came up with the perfect shape...a cardboard box.

You see, cardboard is what we have come to expect in the Amazon age. Taking beautiful packaging and shoving it in a brown box, we worked backwards from delivery to the cover on your phone. Why buy an overpriced new case when you can just re-purpose the shipping box it’s going to arrive in.

The only thing we couldn’t copy was the Amazon sticker to put on the outside.

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With No Protection

Every September, mobile photography takes a step forward, with better selfie capturing machines. Each new innovation of glass, sensors, and selfie sticks creates a truly remarkable event. One that drives us all to purchase new overpriced camera phones.

But as we carry these beautiful, fragile devices we felt it was time that the world introduced an equally comparable case to not protect your phone from drops. The tears and heartache you feel every time your phone clanks on the ground is an experience we don't want you to miss.

So, although this new case is cheap and awkwardly boxy, we made sure it doesn’t add any protection to your phone. The walls are just thin enough and the contact points non existent enough that your phone is expected to shatter when it hits the ground.

You’ll thank us later.

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Making It Customizable

Going back to our inner child, long before we became professional designers, we revisit our crayon and our free spirited designs. Free of design review and being judged by our over-critical peers, we wanted to create a case that enabled the child in all of us to come out.

Introducing the first phone case you can customize with your own crayons.

With each stroke, you can unleash your inner designer, and we promise not to judge you. We’ll only applaud the courage it takes to color on your $1K new phone.

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Added Waterproof

The beauty of water is meant to be captured. No longer limited to watching on the sidelines, we set out to bring waterproof to cardboard. Inventing a revolutionary optical plastic, non-touch membrane we finally broke through with a solution the world never saw coming...a zip lock bag.

With its two color seal, the design of the ziplock is our generation's greatest accomplishment. One that rivals OLEDs, curved metal, and tiny components. We take all the things you love about your phone and take them away.

The touch screen wont work. The pictures you take will be blurry, like you snapped them from inside a plastic bag. And the ziplock bag we ship with the $2 waterproof case won’t really protect your phone from water.

We’re confident this will change the future of underwater photography.

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Invented SWIC

To all you power hungry photogs out there, this $3 case for you.

We realize that rocking a white power cable is now the hip thing to do, but we wanted to challenge the very notion that you had to huddle next to your friends to get a hit of power. Studying how batteries are made, we created our own wireless technology….it’s called SWIC.

Shareable, wireless instacharge technology took years of engineering and a trip to Costco to realize that a 9-volt battery was the perfect platform to build our battery technology on top of.

Inspired by puff, puff pass, take a hit of battery, and pass it on to your power hungry friends. This 9-volt is guaranteed to give you zero seconds of additional power.

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Leave Us A 5 Star

If you got this far, then you’re definitely willing to leave us a 5 star review on Amazon. We hope they shut down our listing before we can sell enough to take over the mobile photography industry.

Please make the review as ridiculous as this story.

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