Day Trip: Eating Your Way Through Seattle

Best Seattle Restaurants: Next time you visit Seattle, Washington - here are a few tasty food, coffee, and dessert options you must try.

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Seattle is known for it’s gloomy rainy weather, recreational outdoor activity, and of course, the Space Needle, but don’t be fooled. One of the main reasons you should visit is for the food.

Seattle fare has so much to offer, and I am not just talking about piroshkis and chowder. I am talking about Asian cuisines, quaint cafes, brunch galore, and way too many sweets. The diversity is tucked away into every corner of the city.

Next time you visit, here are a few fun, tasty options:

Breakfast: Toast


When you are in the mood for waffles, nothing will substitute! And most places don’t cut it, with their pitiful number of waffle options. However, Toasted in Ballard is changing the game when it comes to this breakfast favorite — providing not only the traditional style sweet waffles but also giving those with savory buds some unique options too! The restaurant is undergoing new management so they’ll soon be known as “Salt and Sugar” but luckily for us, the menu is staying the same. Our personal favorite is the Hummingbird and Washington, a perfect blend of sweet and savory.

Lunch: goPoké

(International District)

Poké is a fast growing food trend all over the US, but no one has the rich story and history as goPoké. Trinh, Bayley, and Michael Le, three brothers who grew up filleting and selling their family’s Ahi tuna fishings, just opened their very own Poké spot right here in Seattle. Their tuna is imported straight from Hawaii, and their salmon is locally sourced, so you’ll get nothing but the freshest ingredients. With so many toppings and poké to choose from, you’ll need to come a few times to try everything on the menu, including the Dole Whip with li hing mui, which is A MUST to cleanse your palette.

Snack-time: Storyville

(Pike Place Market)

If you are looking for a nice, dimly lit cafe, we recommend Storyville in Seattle near Pike Place Market. This beautiful cafe has a unique view of the famous market with large windows and located on the second floor of the building right across from the famous “fish throwing.” It’s great for unique perspectives of Pike’s Market below. Try the Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookie, paired with your favorite cup of joe.

Dinner: The London Plane

(Pioneer Square)

If you follow any food bloggers from Seattle, I guarantee you’ve seen this place. Located in the heart of Pioneer Square, on the corner of Occidental, you’ll find this chic and bright restaurant. Perfect for lunch or dinner, this adorable place makes you feel like you are dining in Europe. They have a delicious homemade hummus trio platter; they make their own bread (you can witness the process from the second floor), and they offer decadent pastries at the bakery. You can even grab a fresh bouquet flowers to take home and remind you of your stay.

Dessert: Shugs

(Pike Place Market)

Ever wanted to travel back to the 1950’s to the classic ice cream parlor days? Well, if you are in Seattle, you can! Shug’s just opened last year and has already made its mark in the iconic Pike’s Market. They offer homemade sodas, syrups, and marshmallows. The sodas make for pretty unbelievable floats. If you’re feeling tropical, get the pineapple soda with coconut ice cream. If not, try the s’mores sundae, but be sure to share this badboy (or not) ‘cause it’s huge! Shug’s also has a champagne and beer menu if you’re in the mood for something bubbly.

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