Create Stunning Portraits on the Telephoto 58mm Lens

Dare to be bold and funky with these 5 tips on creating stunning portraits with our new Tele 58mm lens.

Moment Tele 58mm Lens - Creating Stunning Portraits
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How to Create Stunning Portraits

On The Moment Tele 58mm Lens

#1. Alter Your Perspective

Don’t stand still.

Most portraits are taken at eye level, but changing your perspective as the photographer will greatly enhance the way your portraits come across. Go up, side to side, get low, get funky. This will also help diversify your composition by ditching the rule of thirds and reframing your images — anything can truly help with make your subjects unique.

#2. Negative Space

Negative space is a term to refer to the surrounding areas of the main subject(s) in your photography. It’s a technique often used to create a receding symbiotic relationship between the background and subject. Psychologically speaking, utilizing empty spaces can produce a quiet effect on the images by isolating your foreground subject. This is an excellent way to offer simplicity and minimalize your portfolio.

The use of negative space is one of the most simplest, yet empowering ways to beautify your photos, improve your composition, and catch a viewer’s attention.

#3. Move Your Subject Out of Your Comfort Zone

Nothing stands out more from the crowd than unexpected, exciting poses from your subject. More often than not, posed photography looks exactly just that… posed. Boring. Dull. And quite lifeless.

Elevate the “wow” factor with weird and eccentric dances or movements from the person in front of the camera; the weirder, the better.

Skin tones on point.

Skin tones on point.

#4. Isolated Body Parts

Portraits don’t have to include a full human body — the isolation of body parts, too, may provide a deep intrigue. Swaying hands, lingering fingertips, and flowy hair are all interesting subject matters to capture against a simple background.

#5. Experiment with Lighting

Good light is one of the compelling aspects to portrait photography. Dance in the streets in broad daylight or play with shadows behind your favorite coffee shop — doing so will spice up your frames with powerful side-lighting and silhouettes. Introducing a few different props, such a colorized bouncer or rainbow prism, can also induce an otherworldly affect on your unexpected light play.

Get creative! Get funky.

Dare to be bold by rejecting the old school rules of photography and get artsy under your own creative means. What makes portraitures so exciting is the myriad of ways in creating a story, feeling, or emotion with human subjects. By using our creamy, crispy, and tack-sharp Tele 58mm lens for your mobile device, you’ll not doubt up your “wow” factor. 

We’re super proud of this little nugget. Be sure to order one today!

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Be Bold, Be Funky!