Create the Best, DIY Halloween Photobooth in 5 Steps

Thinking of having a Halloween party this year? We put together an easy DIY guide to building a themed photo booth for you!

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Having a thematic photo booth at your party is an easy way to encourage your guests to mingle, get creative, and document their memories. Taking photos is a special part of any event anyway, so why not make the experience more interactive and fun?

Here are five easy steps to creating the perfect photo booth!

If you are going for a certain look or celebrating a unique holiday, your photo booth needs to be themed with colors and decor! Having a theme really unleashes your creativity. It allows you to walk into a crafts supply store and immediately start visualizing possibility. It also helps people know how to engage with the space and even provides inspiration for photo poses.

If you are having a hard time figuring out how to represent your party’s theme with color or decor, try using sites like Pinterest. Just search all your keywords, and you’ll find something that interests you.

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Head to your local hobby or party store

Grab some decorations to adorn your photo booth. Whether you are using a cardboard box cutout or a designated, small space in your house/venue as your photo booth, the most exciting part is dressing it up.

Grab some thumbtacks, string, tape, and other methods of attaching your decorations to your booth. Try different positions and spacing between decorations.

Decorations pictured are from Party City. For this booth, I grabbed: spider web, shredded cloth (yes they sell that for Halloween!), rubber bats, plastic spider rings, a holographic zombie mirror decoration, plastic crows, plastic eyeballs, and a few masks.

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Make some masks

You can buy masks at the store that cater to your party theme, but that can get really expensive! If you search online, you can find some downloadable PDF masks that are perfect for printing. We recommended using a card stock paper; otherwise, your masks will be flimsy, bend, and break down quickly in a party environment.

Once you print them, buy some skewers, and tape the pointy part behind the mask. This will keep people from poking their fingers. Voila! Now you’ve got fun masks for everyone to use while they strike a pose at your booth. Masks shown are from

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Build a prop station

It’s nice to have an area where you keep all of your props so they don’t get lost. Set up a small table near your booth with your masks and any other interactive decorations. This will let your guests know where to put everything once they’re done. It makes it a lot easier for the next group who comes in afterwards.

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Set up a camera

This part is entirely up to you! But our personal and recommended favorite method is universal tripod and a party hashtag. To do this, create a designated hashtag for your party and write it on a sign near or on your photo booth. Set up a tripod with a universal mobile attachment, such as the MeFoto Sidekick 360, and allow for your guests to mount their own phone on it to take their photos. At the end of the night, check out the hashtag and see everyone's images!

Here are a couple different options for a camera setup:

  • Use an instant camera for your guests to take their memento home with them (don’t forget the film!)

  • Use a tripod with a camera (make sure to send everyone the photos after the party’s over!)

  • You can also go a little extra and get a complete setup with Simple Booth if you have an iPad!

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Bonus Tip: Use Moment Lenses for epic flat-lay photos.

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