The Chrome Niko Camera Sling Review | Rugged, Strong, Minimal

This is a new camera sling from Chrome Industries. They have taken their 24 year history in making indescribable gear... and brought it to photography.

Chrome Niko Sling - Man walking in the street with camera sling bag across this body.

To Know:

This is a new camera sling from Chrome Industries. They have taken their 24 year history in making indestructible gear...and brought it to photography.

The new Niko Camera Sling 2.0 brings the traditions of a camera bag to the mobility of a cross body sling. Opening from the top, the padded interior protects your gear and the configurable inserts makes it easy to organize everything from camera bodies to lenses to small filters. The wide cross shoulder or cross waist strap is comfortable, even when riding. While the outside of the bag is a rugged 1000D nylon material, protective enough handel the occasional downpour.

If you are looking for a comfortable sling that can fit your camera gear, this is for you.

What We Love:

Configurable Organization

The configurable inserts and liner pockets make it easy to organize your gear any way you want. The padded lining and rectangular shape gives protects and gives you the rigidity required to carry up to a full DSLR with a 24-70mm f/2.8 lens.

Quick Top Down Access

The top opens and closes with coated zippers, making it fast to grab your camera or change a lens on the go.

Cross-Body Comfort

It’s soft outer shell feels good for all day exploring, while the wide cross shoulder / waist strap won’t kill your body.

Bag Type:

Crossbody Sling

Trip Length:

1 Day

Best For:

City exploration, street photography, biking, and skateboarding.

Chrome Industries Niko Camera Sling Bag 01

Chrome Industries

Niko Camera Sling

Get super-organized and even rugged with the Niko Camera Sling from Chrome! 1000d nylon is comfortable to touch yet protective enough to handle the daily grind.

Buy for $89.99

An easy-to-access camera sling that is large enough to carry all your gear but comfortable enough you can explore all day with it.

This sling combines the traditions of a camera bag with the requirements for all day mobility.

Start with the shape, it’s rectangular which gives you the room you need to configure the bag from three small pockets to one large body. It also makes it easy to move the bag to your side, access a camera and change a lens without the bag collapsing on you. The soft, protective liner protects your gear and the small pockets prevent you from having to fish for things. The design of the wide strap and the extra chest buckle lets you lock the back down, close to your body, for all day walking or riding.

If you are looking for a camera bag that can fanny or a fanny that is a hidden camera bag, the Niko Sling is for you.

  • Super Organized: For a fanny sling this is unique. You can configure the inserts to create multiple small pockets or take them out for a single compartment.
  • Quick To Access: Top down opening means you can grab your gear without putting the bag down and fishing.
  • Water Resistant: A rugged 1000D nylon body protects from the occasional downpour.
  • Tripod Ready: instead of two straps holding a tripod like most bags, the compression flap covers more surface area, holding it in place firmly so it won’t loosen when on the move.

Styles with most anything in the closet.

Harness with proper protection.

Comfort for day long shoots.

Grab and go.

Fits an Olympus camera body with detachable lens, easy.

Made for the urban photographer in mind.

What It Fits

This fanny sling is unique. It’s large enough to fit large camera gear, but comfortable enough you don’t notice when it’s full. As a camera bag it’s padded lining protects your gear and its rectangular shape gives you the rigidity you need to carry. The top opens for fast access to change a lens, the pockets make it so you don’t have to fish, and the removable organizers let you change from three small compartments to one open compartment. It’s easy to pack in the essentials like my phone, keys, wallet, and passport — as well as my Olympus OM2, Portra 400 film rolls, and a Fuji X100f compact digital camera. Oh, and don’t forget a can of Talking Rain and 3 different Cliff bars (any flavor)!

Close up shot of what can fit.

Reach in while standing up or sitting down.

Different camera bodies, lenses, film rolls. etc.

Perfectly snug.

The Details

This is where the history of Chrome Industries stands out. If you aren’t familiar with their bags, they have been making indestructible gear for people living in the city, since 1993. It means they understand zippers, buckles, and materials.

I didn’t know what I was missing until I used the sling. I’ve only ever owned camera backpacks prior, so I was forced to set down the bag to grab my gear. But the sling is ready for a moment’s notice, at my loyal side. I began using the sling as a lens bag on a shoot with the camera body on my shoulder, but I soon found it to be an easily accessible daily commute pack. I’m able to access anything I need, whenever I please.

What It Has:

  • Waterproof: Rain Storm
  • Zippers: Coated zippers for high quality protection
  • Water Bottle Pocket: No
  • Phone Pocket: Back pouch can be made for phone.
  • Tripod Carry: Yes
  • Adjustable Straps: Yes
  • Cross Chest Adjustment: Yes

What It Fits:

  • Camera: DSLR body and two lenses
  • Lens: Up to 24-70 f/2.8
  • Flash: Ultra-Lite Flashes
  • Storage: Lacie Rugged SSD
  • Laptop: No
  • Drone: Mavic Mini sized
  • Food: Jimmy Johns 6” Sandwich
  • Clothes: A bathing suit.
  • Shoes: Probably not.


  • Size 7.25" H, 11" W, 7"
  • Volume 5L
  • Weight 1.6 lbs
  • Interior side elastic pockets
  • Front flap with dual compression straps
  • Front zip pocket beneath flap with interior quilted tricot lining
  • Rear zip pocket for documents and prints
  • 1000d TPE Tarp
  • Quilted tricot lining