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Film Photography Buying Guide - Filters, film, disposables, and rigs.

Film is our tangible connection to the nostalgic realm of the past. It’s vintage in technique, now breathing life into modern technology. We’re expanding to sell products within the beloved analog category, and we are extremely proud of our curated collection in the shop. Ranging from reusable cameras, film stocks, light meters, etc. we are here to bring you the best film photography ideas for your next purchase. Let’s deep dive

    CineStill 50D by @obzerb

    CineStill 800T by @westcott

    To Know:

    Curious about learning how to shoot on film? Want to start without breaking the bank? Willem has you covered. From the gear to proper exposure to the differences in film stock… you’ll learn everything you need to shoot your first roll. Willem is one of the fastest rising film photographers and he shows you all of his tricks in this two-hour lesson. If you want to try shooting film affordably, this lesson is for you. Now includes a bonus episode!

    What We Love:

    Learn From The Best

    Willem is a powerhorse when it comes to the knowledge of film photography. He goes step by step for those looking for a more technical approach.

    Personal Photo Critique

    Willem breaks down his images and gives insight into what he loves and what he doesn't.


    Willem breaks down how to shoot film at night.

    The Details:

    Brand: Moment

    Product Type: Online Lesson

    Best For: Beginner film photographers looking to get the most out of their film camera and technique.

    Moment lessons willem verbeeck film photography featured


    Your Journey into Film Photography with Willem Verbeeck

    Willem Verbeeck gives you a deep dive in film photography. You'll learn how to properly expose film and how to get started with a film camera.

    Buy for $50.00

    To Know:

    The pocket-sized Sekonic L-308X-U FLASHMATE is the smallest and lightest digital light meter in the Sekonic line-up. Featuring dedicated modes for photography, cinematography and HD cinematography, plus the ability to switch from incident to reflected light theL-308X-Uis the most versatile and affordable photo/cine meter in the market.

    What We Love:

    Illuminance Measurement

    Measure precise light control for every photo.

    LCD with Auto Backlight under EV5

    Balances out exposure.

    PC Sync Terminal & Cordless Flash Option

    Cordless is the name of the game!

    The Details:

    Brand: Sekonic

    Product Type: Light Meter for Photography

    Best For: Film photographers in need of a light meter to perfect exposure conditions with ease.

    Moment Sekonic 401 305 L 308 X U Flashmate Light Meter thumbnail


    L-308X-U Flashmate Light Meter

    Those bulky light meters are so yesterday! The pocket-sized Sekonic L-308X-U FLASHMATE is a small and light digital light meter with a full suite of functions

    Buy for $219.00

    To Know:

    Many photographers rely on Kodak Professional Portra 400 as their main go-to stock for its highly reliable, always-excellent image quality in a range of conditions. It provides a general warmness alongside more muted colours that brings it so many fans. With its sunny feel and colours and contrast that enhance a scene without making it unrealistic, Portra seems to deliver exactly what you envision. Truly impeccable skin tone results, very true-to-life and smoothly rich.

    What We Love:


    Skin tones are real-to-life and blend lovely within the picture.


    It’s everyone’s favorite go-to for a reason. It’s easy to handle just about any scene.


    Crisp detail can be seen among every image.

    The Details:

    Brand: Kodak

    Product Type: Film Stock

    Best For: Photographers looking for a natural, warm film stock to capture any scene without plan.

    Moment kodak 8331506 Professional Portra 400 Film 120 Propack 5 Rolls thumbnail


    Professional Portra 400 Color Negative 120 Film - 5 Rolls

    Looking for a film with great skin tones, exceptional color saturation? At true ISO 400 speed, Kodak Portra 120 delivers in a wide range of lighting conditions

    Buy for $59.95

    To Know:

    The Instax Square SQ1 is the latest instant camera from Fujifilm. It is the perfect tool for users who want to be creative and use instant photos to express themselves and their everyday moments. The 1:1 square format Instax captures the beauty in each and every moment so that you can cherish those memories for a lifetime. With square format, there's no need to waste precious time deciding whether to capture it in portrait or landscape - just pick up the camera and snap.

    What We Love:

    Easy Peasy

    Twist the lens to turn it on. Twist it again for Selfie mode.

    Bright and Airy

    Auto exposure for the perfect snap every time.

    Square Film

    Compatible with all Square film, making it versatile.

    The Details:

    Brand: Fujifilm

    Product Type: Instant Film Camera

    Best For: People who want a fun, simple way to share instant photos at parties, gatherings, etc.

    Moment Instax 16670510 Square SQ1 Terracotta Orange thumbnail


    Instax Square SQ1 Instant Camera

    The photo you take and can hold in your hand instantly is something special! Take it with the Instax Square SQ1, the latest instant camera from Fujifilm.

    Buy for $119.95

    To Know:

    An uber sharp and super contrasty black-and-white film stock proudly boasted by Kodak. Great for high-speed panchromatic films that are a good choice for photographing dimly lighted subjects or fast action. Tri-X does the heavy lifting for you with its punched blacks and detailed depth. Perfect to use against solitary backdrops, portraits, or abandoned scenes.

    What We Love:


    Simply put, we love a good high-concentrated black and white film.


    A textured picture makes a moody image even more intense and real.


    Contrasted monochrome images serve their purpose; this film stock captivates every detail well and alive.

    The Details:

    Brand: Kodak

    Product Type: Film Stock

    Best For: Photographers wanting a detailed, yet textured film stock to boast moody imagery for any fine art project.

    Moment Kodak 8667073 Professional Tri X 400 Film TX135 36 thumbnail


    Professional Tri-X 400 Black and White Negative 35mm Film

    Feed your film camera with the world's best selling B&W 35mm film! This classic B&W film allows for maximum pushability when needed with wide exposure latitude

    Buy for $11.99

    To Know:

    The Ilford Sprite 35mm-II is made primarily from a sturdy ABS plastic (the same material used to build Legos, so you know it’s solid) and features only one button. It’s so simple a small child can use it, but, in the right hands, it’s capable of helping you create unforgettable memories that are ready for pickup or delivery in a few hours to days.

    What We Love:


    Fully automatic and equipped with only a single button, right out of the box, the Ilford Sprite 35mm-II is easier to use than your iPhone’s built-in camera. This camera feels like an actual toy in your hands. It’s lighter than your iPhone, so you can toss it in a jacket pocket or one of our fan-favorite Fanny Slings and hop out the door.


    The Sprite II spares your purse, costing just under a cool (lukewarm?) $35. It’s a super affordable way to get into analog photography right now.


    Though film cameras don’t lend themselves to instant gratification, the Ilford Sprite's retro minimalism, toy-like feel & function, and adrenaline-inducing feeling of anticipation create a different kind of “gratification” that more than makes up for the loss of the “instant” -- at least for me.

    The Details:

    Brand: ILFORD

    Product Type: Film Camera

    Best For: Shutterbugs who want to get acquainted with analog photography for kicks. Great for vacations, parties, and well-lit scenarios that don’t require a professional touch or equipment. We don't discriminate against professionals who want to break some rules, though.

    Moment ilford 2005153 ILFORD SPRITE 35 II Camera Black Silver thumbnail


    Sprite 35-II Reusable 35mm Film Camera

    Dip your toes into film photography with the Ilford Sprite 35-II! A really fun and affordable way to start experimenting with 35mm film

    Buy for $29.99

    To Know:

    Polaroid Now+ is a whole new connected camera with more creative tools than ever seen before in an instant camera. More control, more filters, and more creative opportunities with the 5 lens filters, plus extra tools inside the Polaroid mobile app to mix up how you craft. Boasts a stellar focus with aperture priority, and an amazing expression with double exposure.

    What We Love:


    Get two moves in one with double exposure. Mix angles, layer ideas, and clash influences together inside one Polaroid photo.


    Watch your idea develop with light painting.


    Let the ideas flow with precise control measure on the Now + manual mode.

    The Details:

    Brand: Polaroid

    Product Type: Instant Camera

    Best For: Creatives wanting an all-encompassing opportunity to craft stellar images with manual control, exposure play, and a filters package.

    Moment Polaroid 9062 Polaroid Now Plus White thumbnail


    Now + Instant Film Camera

    Live the nostalgia in a modern package! Polaroid Now + is the revamped analog instant camera. Connect to the Polaroid mobile app unlocking new creative tools

    Buy for $129.99

    To Know:

    Get flashy with the Diana Mini! The Diana Family's little plastic sweetheart is now bundled up with a Diana F+ Flash to keep you shooting your dreamy 35mm squares and half-frame shots in all lighting conditions. With the flick of a little switch, you can move from the retro square format to the amazing half-frame format, giving you the ability to take 72 shots on one 35mm film roll. To further enhance creative possibilities, there are Multiple and Long Exposure features, a tripod mount and a cable release attachment.

    What We Love:

    35mm Film

    A truly one-of-a-kind reusable camera that uses 35 film.


    Pop, sizzle, flash.

    Sunny, Cloudy, or B Exposure Settings

    With 4 different focal lengths.

    The Details:

    DBrand: Lomography

    Product Type: Reusable 35mm Film Camera

    Best For: Niche-specific film photographers wanting a unique and experimental photographic direction at a super affordable price point.

    Moment lomography HP550 Diana Mini Flash thumbnail


    Diana Mini & Flash 35mm Reusable Film Camera

    You know you wanna get flashy! Do it with the Diana Mini! The Diana Family's little plastic sweetheart is now bundled up with a Diana F+ Flash

    Buy for $79.99

    To Know:

    Kodak VISION3 Films deliver premium image quality, real-world flexibility, digital compatibility and archival stability. With Kodak VISION3 50D Color Negative Film, you get the unrivaled highlight latitude of Kodak VISION3 products along with the world’s finest film grain. VISION3 50D ensures a pristine, clean image that’s full of color and detail, especially in high contrast daylight situations.

    What We Love:

    50ft Long

    Equivalent to about 3 minutes of footage.

    Fine Grain and Sharpness

    Lovely amounts of texture and detail.

    Expanded Highlight Latitude

    Excellent for exposure control.

    The Details:

    Brand: Kodak

    Product Type: Super 8 Video Film

    Best For: Photographers and filmmakers wanting a true film, nostalgic vibe to their home movies.

    Moment Kodak 1738053 VISION3 50 D Color Negative Film 7203 SP464 50 ft Super 8 Cartridge thumbnail


    VISION3 50D Color Negative Super 8 Film

    Feed your Super 8 with Kodak VISION3 50D Color Negative Film! It delivers premium image quality, real-world flexibility, and digital compatibility

    Buy for $39.95

    To Know:

    The perfect tool for scanning strips or full rolls of 35mm film quickly, easily, and affordably whether you’re at home, on the go, or in the studio! Utilizing a digital camera (DSLR, mirrorless, etc.) to capture your scans, most Basic Film Carrier 35 owners can utilize a digital camera they already own. Many modern digital cameras, from entry-level to professional, will allow you to make beautiful film scans with this device. Keeping your film perfectly flat with our unique channel guides, the Basic Film Carrier 35 allows you to scan a full-length roll of film in as fast as two minutes. This device is the perfect starting point for photographers of all skill levels.

    What We Love:

    Scan strips or rolls of 35mm film

    Create your own darkroom at home with this super accessible product.

    Scan full rolls in 2 minutes or less

    Have your cake, and eat it too.

    Keeps film perfectly flat for sharp scans

    Well made for the perfect scan.

    The Details

    Brand: Negative Supply

    Product Type: Scanner

    Best For: Film enthusiasts wanting to develop their own rolls effectively and accessibly.

    Moment Negative Supply BFC35 Basic Film Carrier 35 Thumbnail

    Negative Supply

    Basic Film Carrier 35

    Looking for the perfect tool for scanning strips or full rolls of 35mm film quickly? The Negative Supply Basic Film Carrier 35 is the affordable solution

    Buy for $99.00

    To Know:

    In the fast-paced world of snap and go, not many photographers know how to properly capture landscape photographs on film. Corey Wolfenbarger is one of the best in the game. Follow Corey out to southern California, in search of striking landforms in Death Valley and Alabama Hills. In this lesson, Corey teaches you his philosophy behind shooting landscapes on film, how to properly expose your images, create impactful compositions, and edit your photos. Corey will demonstrate how to shoot in harsh sunlight, during golden hour, and during the last light of the day. Whether you’re a film photographer looking to push your skills further, or you’re a landscape-lover new to film, this course is a great addition to your repertoire. Re-watch the lesson any time -- you’ll have access to the content forever!

    What We Love:

    3.5 Hours of Learning

    Lots of rich content for a great price.

    Specific to Film

    While landscape compositions apply, you’ll grasp a better understanding of how to shoot such subjects on film.


    Learn scanning and editing techniques for a better photo.

    The Details:

    Brand: Moment

    Product Type: Online Lesson

    Best For: Film photographers wanting special tips on capturing landscapes on by means of analog.

    Moment lessons landscape photography corey wolfenbarger featured 2


    Landscape Photography on Film with Corey Wolfenbarger

    Join film photographer Corey Wolfenbarger on a road trip across California and learn his entire process from film gear, to settings, to how he edits.

    Buy for $50.00

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    Film photography is one of Moment’s bread and butter. Various members across the team have shot, scanned, and developed their own film for years before we sold any product in a category. We are incredibly proud of the work we put out for a fellow some photographers in the industry, as well as curate rich online lessons from the creators we follow.

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