Quality Accessories For Every Creative Pixel User | Buying Guide

With the launch of the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, ThisIsTechToday and Moment teamed up to share some of their favorite items to unlock even more out of your phone

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There's not a single day that I go without taking at least a few photos or videos with my smartphone. It's really incredible what we can capture now with something we can carry in our pocket wherever we go. With the launch of the Google Pixel 6 and Google Pixel 6 Pro, I teamed up with Moment to share some of my favorite items and suggestions if you want to unlock even more out of your phone and start creating. The best part is that this list isn't just for the Google Pixel 6. You can easily get a Moment case for any of the phones they support and use all of these items on this list with that phone and many phones after.

Pixel + Moment Wide
Pixel + Moment Superfish
A Moment smartphone case is an obvious choice and the thing that provides the foundation for everything else on this list. It's well designed with a nice texture, thin without compromising protection, and environmentally friendly because it is compostable. The best part is that it adds magnets to your phone, and I love magnets. That means you can utilize many of the great accessories that were previously only available for MagSafe compatible iPhones and add them to your phone, even if it's an Android. There are so many possibilities available to you once you get this case.
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Case for Pixel

Make your Google Pixel into an even better camera! A thin, protective Pixel case that allows you to attach Moment lenses, the best mobile glass in the world

Buy for $9.99
While there are a lot of great mounts to choose from, like the car mount, if I had to choose only one, I would choose the Pro Tripod Mount for MagSafe - Landscape & Portrait. You gain a ton of flexibility with this setup because you can not only attach it to a tripod easily, and the hot shoe mount allows you to add a microphone or light to your setup. Because it's based on magnets, you can easily remove your phone from it in a second without having to mess with a bunch of clamps. This is a way more elegant solution.
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Tripod Mount - for MagSafe®

The most seamless way to mount your phone! Turn any tripod MagSafe compatible using Moment Tripod Mount. Attach accessories with the included cold shoe mount

Buy for $69.99
With that hot shoe mount, you can easily attach the super small Deity Pocket Wireless Microphone System. This is shockingly feature-packed, well thought out, and great sounding for something so unbelievably tiny. As an audio engineer, sound quality is extremely important to me and the thing that I see others neglect when creating, so this is a must-have. Also, it makes it so nice to simply set your phone down and walk away from your phone while still getting great audio. On top of that, you can use it for a ton of other things beyond just your phone. I love this thing.
Moment Deity DDCPWUS Pocket Wireless Microphone System Black Thumbnail

Deity Microphones

Pocket Wireless Microphone System with USB-C

Eyeing a pro Wireless Microphone System that won't break the bank? Deity's wireless mic system will natively work with nearly any recording device on the market

Buy for $149.99
Now if you want to set your phone down easily, you'll need a tripod. There are many options to choose from, but if you want something that is extremely compact while also be capable, check out the Manfrotto PIXI EVO 2-Section Mini Tripod. It's something you can easily hold in your hand if you want to VLOG, adjust the ball head to get the angle you want, or fold it open and place it down anywhere, even if the surface is uneven because of the adjustable legs. The best part is that it's so light and small that it's easy to put into a bag or pocket without taking up much room at all.
Moment Manfrotto MTPIXIEVO BK PIXI EVO 2 Section Mini Tripod black thumbnail


PIXI EVO 2-Section Mini Tripod

This is the lightweight and compact Mini Tripod you've been looking for! The Manfrotto PIXI EVO 2-Section Mini Tripod is of sturdy quality in a tiny package

Buy for $49.99
If you want to be truly inspired to make something, the Moment Anamorphic Lens can help you unlock some creativity. The ability to get shots with a nice, wide, cinematic look and those gorgeous lens flares is a blast. You can use it for both video and photos. Who cares what anyone says. I think it looks cool! It seriously makes me want to just create, and you have the option of choosing a lens with a classic blue lens flare, or a gold lens flare. Now, it's important to know it does have a little bit of a learning curve, but you can combine it with something like Filmic Pro to help you "de-squeeze" the image live for video so it looks normal.
Moment Anamorphic Lens 01


Anamorphic Lens - Blue Flare

Get that unique wide cinematic film look on your phone with the Moment Anamorphic Lens Blue Flare! It gives you bright blue flares and a 1.33x widescreen look

Buy for $99.99

I hope you find this list helpful and inspiring. Make sure to tag me on social media @thisistechtoday everywhere and show me what you create! And if you want to check out anything that I create, go check me out on YouTube.