11 Things Every Adventure Photographer Needs in Their Kit

Level up your next adventure with the right gear. Bags, cameras, water housing, and more.

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There's a part in every one of us who seeks a little thrill. Whether mountain biking or catching a surf break, it's important to push ourselves out of our comfort zones. For a team full of travel nomads ourselves, we wanted to curate our list of the best online courses, water housings, cameras, and accessories for outdoor photographers and adventure seekers. Below are some of our top picks in the Moment shop.

At A Glance...

To Know:

Exploring the world has its unpredictability, so we wanted to create a bag that would allow you to pack whatever configuration you desired. The DayChaser was designed with versatility in mind, enabling it to be used for photography, filmmaking, camping excursions, or even your daily commute. No matter what your activity may be, this bag can give you the perfect storage solution.

What We Love:

Military Grade

The ergonomic metal stay and a full-frame sheet of this military-inspired harness system provide optimal support, while the removable, full-size hip belt helps to distribute your weight for more comfortable wear. With its adjustable straps, you can easily customize the fit to ensure a snug, secure hold that takes the load off your shoulders whenever necessary.

Quick& Easy Access

Access the camera compartment from the quick access camera door, your laptop from the side access laptop sleeve, and your water bottle or tripod from the oversized water bottle pocket with stabilizing strap that fits a water bottle and tripod at the same time.

The Details:

Brand: Moment (creator made by Emmett Sparling)

Product Type: Adventure backpack with rugged finishes.

Best For: Creators want a pack that's extremely durable and will keep up with extended travels. Holds up to 70-200mm lenses for wildlife and travel enthusiasts.

Moment 106 173 Day Chaser 35 L Black thumbnail


DayChaser Travel Camera Pack - 35L

Looking for The Most Versatile Travel & Camera Backpack? The DayChaser brings all-day comfort, is fully customizable, and packs your camera gear and essentials

Buy for $249.99

To Know:

ThePeak Design Travel Tripod is the most portable, packable, and easy-to-setup professional tripod on the market. This is true for both the Aluminum and Carbon models, two similarly designed photography tools made with different materials. For years, traditional tripods have suffered a critical flaw: needless bulk and wasted space, the result of a spatially inefficient design. By redesigning the tripod from the ground up, Peak created the world’s most portable travel tripod—one that packs to the diameter of two 32oz Nalgenes —without sacrificing height, stability, or load capacity.

What We Love:

Peak’s Travel Tripod is radically faster to setup/takedown than traditional tripods and features more ergonomic adjustment points, built-in mobile compatibility, and thoughtful usability details at every corner. Plus, it’s incredibly strong and well crafted for any and all uses for outdoor and adventure recreation. It feels good in the hands and makes for one of the best accessories for your camera(s).

The Details:

Brand: Peak Design

Product Type: Tripod

Best For: Timelapses, travel enthusiasts, adventure photographers, all-day shooting filmmakers, vloggers, astrophotographers, and mobile photographers

Peak Design TT CB 5 150 CF 1 Travel Tripod Carbon Moment thumbnail

Peak Design

Travel Tripod

Can a tripod be sexy? Oh yes, it can! Enter the Peak Design Travel Tripod. A pro-level, lightweight, travel tripod in a truly portable form

Buy for $649.95

To Know

We have been making cases for Moment MagSafe cases, which would be great for everyday use that mounts to various MagSafe accessories. They won’t add much bulk to your devices as they are thin and portable, not the bulky protective ones. So, carry your device in style with the beautiful color options available with our thin cases. And hey, make sure to color-match these with other accessories. All of them will look amazing together.

What We Love

Our signature line-up of Moment cases gives your device the protection it needs daily while not adding much bulk to your pockets. As a creator, having a less bulky iPhone setup always feels great, and that’s possible with our thin cases. And while they are thin, they are available in different color options to meet your needs.

The Details

Brand: Moment

Product Type: Daily Essentials - iPhone Cases

Best For: These cases are excellent for those who don’t want to add much bulk to their iPhone setup and customize their iPhone to color match with other accessories. In addition, thin cases are great for daily use.

Shopmoment thumbnail Moment Case for i Phone 15 Black


Moment Case for iPhone 15 / Plus / Pro / Pro Max - Compatible with MagSafe

Looking for an iPhone 15 case that's sleek, strong, & functional? Easily attach your mobile lens, it mounts anywhere via Magsafe & offers top-notch protection.

Buy for $49.99

To Know:

Moment’s first ever DSLR-sized camera sling is now here. This bag is the first of its kind. With an extremely tough exterior featuring a rugged, waterproof, recycled NorthPak material, this bag can go literally anywhere you want — worry free. It’s made for both men and women looking for something to carry their bag through harsh conditions in a minimalist fashion. Its extremely thoughtful design means big comfort and fully customizable packing options.

What We Love:


The magnetic buckle for the tripod strap is incredibly satisfying and secures everything in place.


The bag's materials cling to your body for ultra comfort and secured placement when moving around during active shoots.


Featuring a quick release, padded main strap for right and left handed shooters (adjustable to either side).

The Details:

The Brand: Moment

Product Type: Camera Sling

Best For: Photographers looking for minimal slices of gear to bring in even the most rugged of conditions.

Moment 106 132 rugged camera sling 10 L thumbnail


Rugged Camera Sling

The Camera Sling you’ve always wanted and can trust to carry your gear! Protective on the outside, padded and organized on the inside, comfortable for all day.

Buy for $129.99

To Know:

The EDGE Sport Housing for the Canon EOS R5 is a culmination of the design principles AquaTech have been perfecting for over 20 years. The EDGE is their most compact, advanced, and ergonomic water housing design to date. From the world's greatest surf and ocean photographers, to enthusiast fashion photographers and everyone in between. The EDGE is ready to help you take your underwater photography to new limits.

What We Love:

Glass Eyepiece for Best View of EVF

Perfect viewing window for the best shot.

Stainless Steel/Anodized Aluminum Parts

Quality makes for a peace of mind.

Slim Form Factor for Ease of Handling

Easy peasy, so you can focus on the capture.

The Details:

Brand: AquaTech

Product Type: Water Housing

Best For: Surfers, kayakers, underwater gurus, and general water lovers.

Moment Aquatech 10179 EDGE Canon R5 Sport Housing orange thumbnail


EDGE Canon R5 Sport Housing

Wanna take your Canon underwater? The AquaTech EDGE Sport Housing for Canon R5 gives you full control over your camera and keeps it bone dry

Buy for $1,695.00

To Know:

The Explore V2 35 is Shimoda's largest landscape-specific adventure pack. Built for photographers who want to venture into demanding locations but also need to travel globally just to start an adventure. Its size meets U.S. and some international carry-on regulations, so creators can ensure key photographic equipment makes it onboard. The E35 was built to pack Mirrorless and DSLR cameras, even those with a vertical grip, and the pack is stocked with numerous travel smart features ensuring your adventures go as smooth as possible. Lockable zippers, a hidden passport pocket and a luggage pass-through handle compliment the adventure-driven comfort and durability. It’s all packaged in a sleek design bound to satisfy the pickiest of creators.

What We Love:

Luggage handle pass-through

Easy access for those long travel days.

Adjustable Torso Height

3 height options with approximately 7.5 cm (3 in) of vertical adjustment allows the same backpack to fit short or tall, male or female.

Tripod & Water Bottle Pockets

Quick-deploying pockets on both sides of the pack can be used to fit a water bottle, tripod, or other outdoor equipment.

The Details:

Brand: Shimoda

Product Type: Travel Backpack

Best For: Mountain high adventure seekers and creators wanting to document their journey in style, comfort, and amazing quality.

Moment Shimoda 520 158 Explore V2 35 Backpack Black Thumbnail


Explore v2 35L Backpack

Looking for the perfect adventure camera bag? The Shimoda Explore V2 35L Backpack is travel-friendly, durable with high-tech features to keep your gear cozy.

Buy for $319.95

To Know:

This preset pack has versatility based on what kind of outdoor vibe you want; brighter, warmer, desaturated or vibrant. Also offering a range of different blues, greens and skin zones.

What We Love:


Made for many different outdoor environments, up in the mountains or down at tropical beaches.


Some give you a warmer feel and others a more vintage feel

Light and Color

There is an assortment of brightness and blues which changes with every preset

The Details:

Brand: Moment

Product Type: Lightroom Presets

Best For: Outdoor photographers wanting a classic look to their adventure images.

Moment kelsey aloha lp above water thumbnail


Kelsealoha Above Water

A lightroom preset pack made for outdoor, adventure photographers. Capture brighter, warmer, more vibrant outdoor landscapes.

Buy for $44.99

To Know:

Shooting photo & video requires more than just a camera. We wanted to create a simple, protective carrying solution that allows you to pack your essential kit for any shooting session. Its compact design allows you to slide it right into your pack or travel bag, while it’s hard shell, padded interior, and weatherproof construction keep your gear safe from harsh impacts and nasty weather. If you like traveling to all ends of the earth in search of epic shots, this might be the accessories case you’re looking for. The standard case fits extra batteries, mounts, filters, cables, and chargers. The large case fits drones, microphones, lights, gimbals, batteries, and anything else you might need. No matter which size you choose, our Rugged Camera Accessories Case is small enough to fit in your bag, and rugged enough for all conditions.

The Details:

Brand: Moment

Product Type: Accessories Case

Best For: Organizational nerds needing something to safely carry their creative valuables.



Rugged Camera Accessories Case

Keep your gear safe on the ground! A simple, protective carrying solution to pack your camera essentials. Weatherproof tarpaulin and water-resistant zippers.

Buy for $14.99

To Know:

Tiffany Nguyen (@tiffpenguin) has the landscape game down. She's developed the perfect guide to snap gorgeous, compelling landscape photos, and she's sharing it with you. In this lesson, Tiffany shares her formula for composition, lighting, editing and more.

What We Love:

Location Scouting

Learn how to plan for a successful shoot.

Proper Gear

Get an “in” on her awesome gear list.

Lighting is Everything

How to read light for best possible images (and how to shoot at golden hour).

The Details:

Brand: Moment

Product Type: Online Lesson

Best For: Outdoor photographers needing to refine their compositions and basic knowledge of capturing their next nature escape.

Moment lessons tiffany nguyen 01 featured


Introduction to Landscape Photography with Tiffany Nguyen

Tiffany Nguyen teaches you how to take epic landscape photos from start to end, how to place subjects and work with models, and how to make gorgeous edits.

Buy for $99.00

To Know:

The XF10-24mm's ultra-wide to standard focal length capabilities make it the perfect choice for shooting dynamic, high impact landscapes images with excellent detail from the foreground to the far distance. The maximum F4.0 aperture is available throughout the 2.4x zoom range from the lens’ ultra-wide 15mm focal length to its longest at 36mm. With a powerful Optical Image Stabilization system, the ability to work handheld when shooting in low light is boosted. It offers high-speed AF thanks to an enhanced inner focusing system, and the use of a stepping motor and lightweight internal lenses has ensured that the XF10-24mm is very quiet to use. Its minimum working distance of 24cm means that with macro photography you can capture both the small and large details.

What We Love:


Three extra-low dispersion elements are used to reduce color fringing and chromatic aberrations in order to produce high clarity and color fidelity throughout the zoom range


10mm is an incredibly wide range of view; similar to that of a fisheye lens. With zero distorting around the edges, you get a crisp shot of everything in frame.


With a powerful Optical Image Stabilization system, the ability to work handheld when shooting in low light is boosted.

The Details:

Brand: Fujifilm

Product Type: Camera Lens

Best For: Landscapes and lifestyle scenes where the photographer wants the whole scene in frame.

Moment Fujifilm 16666753 FUJINON XF10 24mm F4 R OIS WR lens thumbnail


XF 10-24mm F4 R OIS WR Lens

Eyeing a wide-angle zoom lens for your Fuji? The XF 10-24mm F4 R OIS WR Lens with a 35mm equivalent focal range of 15-36mm will be a versatile lens in your bag

Buy for $999.00

To Know:

You asked for it, they made it. The popular Santa Fe Shoulder Bag in a smaller cross-body fanny sling form. With 2L of capacity, this sling is the perfect sidekick for carrying your film camera, point-and-shoot, and plus-sized phone, along with all your daily essentials. The classic silhouette and super adjustable strap make this pack feel equally at home cross-body or around your waist. External zipper and cargo pockets are perfect for your quick access items like extra rolls of film. A simple internal slip pocket keeps you organized and easily fits plus-sized phones. Load it up and have yourself a looong weekend.

What We Love:

  • Can be worn cross-body or around the waist
  • Adjustable strap fits all body types
  • Interior slip pocket fits any plus-sized phone
  • Exterior cargo and zip pockets for quick access
  • Recycled 500D nylon and 210D ripstop materials

The Details:

Brand: Long Weekend

Product Type: Fanny Sling

Best For: Weekend warriors who love film and good design.

Moment Long Weekend 213 020 Monterey Sling Creme Multi thumbnail

Long Weekend

Monterey Sling

Eyeing a fun Sling? The Monterey Sling is the perfect sidekick for carrying a film camera, point-and-shoot, and plus-sized phone, and with your daily essentials

Buy for $49.99

How We Tested:

We have a handful of adventure seeking runners, surfers, bikers, and snowboarders on the team. One of our favorite ways to live in the thrill-seeking moment is to capture how we move, so we needed to do research on the kind of gear that allowed us to do just that.vThis above list is some of our favorites, and we hope you enjoy capturing your next action-packed journey.

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