The Brevite Jumper Backpack Review | Why Everyone Loves This Bag

Watch and read our full review of the Brevite Jumper Backpack. A hands on review of this new bag and its organization, access, comfort, and capacity.

To Know:

The Jumper Backpack is like a 90’s Jansport pack but for your camera. It has a simple, minimal style on the outside and the camera organizers you want on the inside. Just large enough to carry your laptop, daily essentials, a camera, and a lens...this is our new favorite day pack. They even came out with new color ways, making their tasteful curation of vibrant color hues even better than before.

The top has room for a few shirts and your overnight essentials. The back stores your laptop with a waterproof zipper enclosed sleeve. The bottom is a configurable camera cube to hold a dslr, single lens, or drone. And both sides have zipper access to your camera gear no matter which side you stored it on.

If you’re looking for a day pack that doesn’t look like a camera bag, this is for you.

What We Love:

Super Comfortable:

It’s soft outer shell feels good for all day exploring, while its size is the perfect one day bag that doesn’t kill your back.

Quick Access to Gear:

One easy side entry to grab your camera gear and a dedicated cellphone pouch on the back to access your camera phone.

Doesn't Look Like a Camera Bag:

The visual style makes you think it’s a daily city backpack, not something loaded with a laptop, camera, lens, and mini drone.

The Details:

Bag Type:

An everyday bag.

Trip Length:

1 Day

Best For:

Coffee dates, city exploration, a carry-on, work trips, and road trips.

Buy The Jumper Backpack

It’s a camera bag that doesn’t scream camera bag — a discrete silhouette that makes a statement without making a scene.

This bag is the perfect size for an everyday pack. It fits everything you might need on an average day — camera, laptop, an extra layer just in case, water bottle, and all of your loose essentials like keys, wallet, and a phone. You’ll never be weighed down by non-essentials because there’s simply no room for them. My personal favorite part of this bag is the easy-to-access side compartment for your camera. Simply stuff it in the camera cube front pocket, and it will stay padded and protected. No more fumbling, no more rummaging. Your camera is ready when you are.

  • One Day Travel: The right size to carry your daily gear. Laptop, camera, lens, and a mini drone. Simple on the outside, organized and protective on the inside.
  • Right Amount of Pockets: Most camera bags these days come with compartmentalized areas, but the Jumper still screams minimal; it doesn’t offer a mush of pockets you don’t need.
  • Front And Side Gear Access: A camera cube in the bottom allows you to customize the pack. Side bag zippers allow you to access quickly.
  • Tripod Straps: Keep your hands free to shoot by strapping your tripod using the straps placed on the bottom or side of the pack.
  • Waterproof Zippers: High quality protection; never worry about your compartments breaking open.
  • Luggage Passage Way: A super easy slip that allows you to attach the bag to the handles of a luggage, making it attach to wherever you are.

    Rests perfectly on the shoulders.

    Set down for quick and easy-to-access compartments.

    By far the best camera backpack I've ever used.

    What It Fits

    The Jumper fits everything you want to bring on a day out to the city. Either a medium format camera (Mamiya 645 or equivalent), a Canon 5D Mark 4 camera body, and lenses up to 28-70 f/2.8 in size. Stuff a water bottle on the side pocket, a 15” laptop in its dedicated sleeve, or a pair of birkenstocks shoes in the side access for picnic days in the park.

    Water bottle? No problem.

    Dress it up, dress it down.

    Big enough for everything you need, not what you don't.

    By far the best camera backpack I've ever used.

    Compartments made simple.

    Holds everything you need, no room for fluff. Which I love.

    The Details

    Made from high quality 600D Polyester exterior and 200D Polyester interior, the Jumper can be taken anywhere for urban travel with weather resistance in mind. The zippers are thoughtfully made and fully waterproof so you’ll never have to worry about a drop of water contaminating your contents. Intentionally designed internal organization includes a side pocket for easy on-to-go access, a front pocket for your internal camera cube, and a phone pouch for simple placement. 

    What It Has:

    • Waterproof: Light Rain
    • Zippers: One waterproof zipper on the laptop
    • Water Bottle Pocket: Yes
    • Phone Pocket: Yes
    • Tripod Carry: Yes
    • Adjustable Straps: No
    • Cross Chest Adjustment: No

    What It Fits:

    • Camera: Medium format or DSLR
    • Lens: Up to 70-200mm f/2.8
    • Laptop: Up to 15”
    • Drone: DJI Mavic Drone sized
    • Clothes: One day
    • Shoes: Birkenstocks


    • 17" x 11" x 5.5"
    • 600D Polyester exterior, 200D Polyester interior
    • 18L capacity
    • 1.7lbs
    • Fits a 15" laptop
    • Inner organizer
    • Hidden inner pocket
    • Front door gear access
    • Water bottle pocket

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