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Bithia has been capturing photos and keeping them in albums for years. Her craving to see the world continued throughout her childhood as her family traveled.

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Blessed to be the daughter of a father who gently placed a camera in her hands at four years old, Bithia has been snapping photos, printing them, and keeping them in al- bums for years. This craving to see the world through still images continued throughout her childhood as they traveled around the conti- nent and across oceans. In the midst of these adventures she fell in love with cities. As her eyes were opened to inequality, she realized just how small her footprints are compared to the surface area of the earth.

After graduating college, she left the Midwest to begin her urban planning career in Phoenix. There in the Valley of the Sun, Bithia began see- ing photography as a way to share the beauty of her new home with both her local community and friends who lived thousands of miles away. Since leaving Phoenix, she’s spent most of her time wandering between Ann Arbor, Detroit, and Atlanta where she’s learned even more about the evolution of post-industrial cities. Bithia is constantly inspired by the details found in every square inch of sidewalk, building facade, train track, mural, and public space, as well as the way they seamlessly fit together to form the places so many people collectively call home. 

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