The Best Vintage Video Apps

Vintage apps are all the rave, but which ones actually stand the test of time? We take a deep dive look into our favorite 5 ones that give us major retro vibes.

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Out with the new, in with the old. Vintage video is as popular as ever this day and age — film cameras are skyrocketing in value and scratchy-looking added grain is all the rage. There are a multitude of applications you can use to easily achieve that retro vibe to your footage. It’s all dependent upon what you want your final version to look like, as there are multiple options for looks. There’s the Super 8mm feel, a 90’s home video feel, or super vibey 70’s imagery. Below are some great options for ponder for your next download.

RTRO's "Varna" by Mike Dewey.

RTRO's "Cine-16" by Casey Warren.

To Know:

Inspired by what the filmmakers on our team wanted, we set out to make an app that all of our filmmaker friends would also want to use. We’re proud of how far we’ve come and we can’t wait to see what you shoot with it. We love it because we made it, sure, but it’s truly a one of a kind experience for filmmakers looking for that added touch.

What We Love:

Lots of Different Vibes

Each look caters to a specific vibe you’re after; a “dadcam”, Super 8, or a simply an added warmth.

Made By REAL Filmmakers

Each look is made by a REAL filmmaker or photographer, making RTRO more personalized than others on our list.

Fun Branding

We love the nod to Kodak’s classic yellow, with a touch of some personal flare. It’s what makes it so fun!

The Details:

Brand: Moment

Product Type: iOS App

Best For: Someone looking for a variety of colorful options made by the people whose looks represent their vibe.

To Know:

Retro VHS is the world’s most advanced VHS app. Film grainy videos like it’s that summer of 1985 again where the only things that mattered were the brand of clothes you wore and drinking soda for breakfast. Snap dramatic selfies and pretend you’re an 80s fitness model. Create videos that look so ancient you’ll be able to trick your crazy grandpa into believing that you invented a time machine.

What We Love:

Actually Looks like VHS

If you’re familiar with the vibe of VHS, you’re gonna love this app. Simple as that.

Grainy, Yet Clear

Maintain clear details while still achieving a fun grain to your picture.


We dig the fun plated dates and timestamps that mimics a classic VHS camera.

The Details:

Brand: UniqueApps

Product Type: Phone App

Best For: Those wanting something with a classic 90’s vibe to their footage for a nostalgic home-video feel.

To Know:

Create old-fashioned 8mm movies in real time on your phone equipped with film grains, scratched, and colorized versions. The interface, often neglected in these kinds of apps, carries a retro camera simulation and looks fantastic adding a whole level of satisfaction to the operation. Effects are applied in real time so you can see exactly what you are getting.

What We Love:


No fluff or extra, straight to the point and makes stunning video.

Adds A Colorful Flare

With a Super 8mm touch, the filters do have a fun siftable range of preset colors to choose from.


Definitely a cheaper option on the list, with no yearly fees or monthly subscriptions needed.

The Details:

Brand: Nexvio

Product Type: Vintage App

Best For: Creatives wanting no added fluff, just a simple preset to mimic super Super 8 vibe for Instagram and beyond.

To Know:

Filmm makes it simple to mix and stack professional color grading filters with authentic film textures, light effects, and subtle distortions. With an incredibly wide range of sweetlooks to choose from, there’s truly not a single vibe you can't achieve. Their algorithmic colorization and saturations add the perfect touch for a vintage feel, or for a cool feel whether you want it to seem “old school” or not.

What We Love:

Super Customization

Including a wide variety of free and purchasable filters, you can also toggle basic editing processes for ultimate customization.

Make It Old Or New

Yes, it’s called “Filmm” for a reason, but these looks serve a purpose beyond vintage vibes, too.

Effects and Frames

Features include realistic dust, light leaks, VHS distortions, and Super 8 frames.

The Details:

Brand: Filmm, LLC

Product Type: Vintage App

Best For: Those wanting a huge variety of customizable vintage looks to then edit and post straight to socials with ease.

To Know:

Dazz camera, your pocket photographer; no need for post-editing, the most realistic film photography or video is instantly presented with a single click. The Dazz camera is inspired by the retro film camera of the 80s. Based on the film proofs, they 100% restore the color, texture and noise of the film. There will also be interesting light leakage effects. The Dazz camera will launch new cameras from time to time, so you will always have something new to play with.

What We Love:

For Photographers, Too

You can do a lot with this app, including taking two photos to superimpose the double exposure effect.


Operates with a flash in the dark, you can take a more film texture.

Fisheye Lens

Have fun and get experimental with their added optimized fisheye distortion lens.

The Details:

Brand: Haiyan Wang

Product Type: Vintage App

Best For: Filmmakers looking for some fun and super different “cameras” to mimic; experimental creations.