The Best Gear to Take With You On a Day Trip

Our sweet essentials for your short excursions.

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Here at Moment, we have three passions — creating art with our cameras, exploring the grandeur of our planet, and supporting creatives who want to do the same. To help support photographers & videographers on the go (and with the help of our experts), we’ve put together a go-to list of gear to take with you on a day trip.

The list is by no means exhaustive as every trip is unique, but the products listed below are some of the de facto that belong in your gear bag (which is also on the list) no matter where your camera takes you. Let's go.

At a Glance…

Grand Teton National Park

Joshua Tree National Park.

To Know

I like to think that Sony combined the performance of a workhorse like the A7S III with the lightweight body of the A6600 to create a powerful and versatile full-frame mirrorless digital camera that enables demanding photographers & videographers to produce high-quality content anytime, anywhere.

Equipped with an electromagnetic-drive shutter mechanism, a 5-axis in-body image stabilization unit, and a monocoque magnesium alloy construction, the Alpha 7C is the rugged, compact camera of choice for professional creatives on the move. Grab the full kit option that includes an FE 28-60mm F4-5.6 compact lens if you want to start creating high-fidelity stills and movies right out of the box.

What We Love

Full-Frame Quality in a Compact Body

The Sony Alpha 7C oozes peak performance capabilities no matter the situation, with its advanced 24.2MP back-illuminated 35mm full-frame image sensor, interchangeable lenses, diverse ports, and fat battery. All that power in a package that’s just over 1lb.

Appeals To Photographers & Filmmakers

Multimedia creatives rejoice. The powerful features just mentioned, along with its ISO range of 50 to 205800, 15 stops of dynamic range, 4K recording, dedicated optical viewfinder, and 3-inch touch-sensitive LCD, all work in tandem to make this camera ideal for photography and filmmaking while traveling. This cam grants you permission to lighten your load and leave the backup camera at home on your travels.

Moderately Economical

Full-frame cameras of this caliber can range significantly in price and be much more expensive. Kudos to Sony for keeping the price point towards the relatively affordable end.

The Details

Brand: Sony

Product Type: Mirrorless Camera

Best For: Traveling creatives who want the full power of full-frame, for both photos and videos, in a smaller package.

Moment sony ILCE7 C B Alpha 7 C Full Frame Mirrorless Digital Camera black Thumbnail


Alpha a7C Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera

Eyeing a high-performance, quality, lightweight full-frame mirrorless camera? The Alpha 7C is a great choice especially with the FE 28-60mm f/4-5.6 Lens kit

Buy for $1,598.00

To Know:

The Ilford Sprite 35mm-II is made primarily from a sturdy ABS plastic and features only one button. It’s so simple a small child can use it, but, in the right hands, it’s capable of helping you create unforgettable memories that are ready for pickup or delivery in a few hours to days. The Sprite II is compatible with your favorite 35mm film stock.

What We Love:

So Simple

Fully automatic and equipped with only a single button, right out of the box, the Ilford Sprite 35mm-II is easier to use than your iPhone’s built-in camera. This camera feels like an actual toy in your hands. It’s lighter than your iPhone, so you can toss it in a jacket pocket or one of our fan-favorite Fanny Slings and hop out the door.

So Affordable

The Sprite II spares your purse, costing just under $35. It’s a super affordable way to get into analog photography right now.

So Much Fun

Though film cameras don’t lend themselves to instant gratification, the Ilford Sprite's retro minimalism, toy-like feel & function, and adrenaline-inducing feeling of anticipation create a different kind of “gratification” that more than makes up for the loss of the “instant” -- at least for me.

The Details:


Product Type: Film Camera

Best For: Shutterbugs who want to get acquainted with analog photography for kicks. Great for vacations, parties, and well-lit scenarios that don’t require a professional touch or equipment. The Ilford is a whimsical “accessory” to take with you on day trips.

Moment Ilford 2005152 ILFORD SPRITE 35 II Camera Black Thumbnail


Sprite 35-II Reusable 35mm Film Camera

Dip your toes into film photography with the Ilford Sprite 35-II! A really fun and affordable way to start experimenting with 35mm film

Buy for $36.95

To Know:

We can’t, in good conscience, hook you up with a perfect compact camera to take with you on a day trip without making sure you’re able to use it to the full. Sony claims that their SF-G Tough Series UHS-II SDXC Memory Card is the toughest and fastest ever, and I’ve got to say, it does not disappoint. It’s a whopping 18 times tougher than standard SD cards while also being bend-, drop-, dust-, X-ray, AND waterproof. If you’re constantly on the move, you want this memory card.

What We Love:

Everything Proof

I’m not sure what Sony thinks you’ll be doing with your memory card, but with its top-rated weatherproofing and comically rugged design, the SF-G Tough Series UHS-II SDXC should survive darn near any sticky situation you find yourself in during a day trip.

Lightning Fast

Up to 300MB/s transfer speed & up to 299MB/s write speed in UHS-II devices (like the A7C).

Ultra High-Quality

Dependable High-resolution 4K Video Recording.

The Details:

Brand: Sony

Product Type: SD Card

Best For: Pro photographers and filmmakers who settle for nothing less than the best of the best gear...or simply those who are danger/accident prone.

Moment Sony SFG128 T T1 128 GB SF G Tough Series UHS II SDXC Memory Card thumbnail


SF-G Tough Series UHS-II SDXC Memory Card

So you're thinking of recording 4k, 6k, or even 8k, maybe even in high frame rates? The World’s toughest and fastest SD card can handle the load

Buy for $208.00

To Know:

We call this the most portable, packable, and easy-to-set-up professional tripod on the market. Peak Design delivers on this sentiment by taking everything we thought we knew about tripods and redesigning it from the ground up. The Travel Tripod collapses down to half the size of other tripods, yet doesn't sacrifice height or stability and still supports 20 lbs worth of camera.

What We Love:

Adventure Ready

It’s tiny. You can carry your Travel Tripod crossbody, place it in your water bottle holder, or even tuck it into a standard-sized backpack and won’t know it’s there -- then deploy it in under 10 seconds when it’s time to shoot.

No Compromises

Although it only takes up a fraction of the size of traditional tripods, the Travel Tripod makes absolutely no compromises as far as usability and features you come to expect. With shock-absorbing rubber feet, weather & impact resistant build materials, an integrated phone mount, and an omnidirectional ball head adjustment ring, it's safe to say the Peak Design Travel Tripod brings even more to the table. Best of all, with no confusing buttons, switches, or knobs, using it is a cinch.

Available in Two Heavy-Duty Models

The Travel Tripod comes in aluminum or carbon fiber. Though both are remarkably high-quality, the latter weighs slightly less and produces a 20% more stabilized effect, making it the preferred model for filmmaking.

The Details:

Brand: Peak Design

Product Type: Travel Tripod

Best For: Everything you'd use your traditional, bulky, slow-to-set-up tripod for, but lighter, faster, and more durable.

Peak Design TT CB 5 150 AL 1 Travel Tripod Aluminum Moment thumbnail

Peak Design

Travel Tripod

Can a tripod be sexy? Oh yes, it can! Enter the Peak Design Travel Tripod. A pro-level, lightweight, travel tripod in a truly portable form

Buy for $379.95

To Know:

The Moment Crossbody Wallet carries all of your essentials -- nothing more & nothing less. Weighing only 0.2 lbs and constructed from carefully chosen, high-quality, and ultra-comfy material (straps included), you can hang the clutch-like wallet around your shoulder or wrist all day long and forget about it. Now, that’s clutch.

What We Love:

Space For All The Essentials

The main compartment fits your debit card, credit card, ID, filters, AirPods, cash, or heck, even a smaller wallet, without a problem. A quick-access exterior pocket allows you to store your oversized phone while a Moment lens is still attached. You can also remove any attached lenses and stow them away safely in the microfiber-lined, mid-sized pocket in the front.

Adjusts To Your Perfect Fit

Included in the wallet are rope wrist and crossbody straps. The former is easy to clip and perfect for excursions around the city. The latter is adjustable from 31 inches to 55 inches in length so that you can modify the fit to your unique size and style.

Stylish, High-Grade Construction

I love that the ladies at Moment designed the Crossbody Wallet to be fashionable and durable. They come in three distinct models and multiple colors -- Black and Natural Leather, made from American-made Horween leather, Terracotta Canvas made of weatherproof PU-backed canvas, and Black Ripstop, constructed of waterproof & puncture-resistant ripstop nylon to shed water and resist absorption. Even the straps can withstand years of daily wear and tear.

The Details:

Brand: Moment

Product Type: Bag / Wallet

Best For: Daily carry of all the essential gear you want to have on your person, whether you’re strolling through the town, biking around the city, or hiking a trail.

Moment Crossbody Wallet Bag Natural Leather 01


Crossbody Wallet

Sleek and sexy! The Moment Crossbody Wallet holds your phone and daily essentials. Clutch and shoulder strap included. Available in leather, canvas and ripstop.

Buy for $19.99

To Know:

Maybe I’m just unorganized, but I find these bags extremely necessary, especially on trips (of any duration). The MTW Tech Organizer is another Moment product designed for creatives by creatives that helps you get and stay organized efficiently and coherently. Featuring extra protective padding, six elastic cable organizers, a large zip pocket for loose items, and a versatile layout while maintaining a minimalist design, this tech pouch will forever change the way you pack gear.

What We Love:

Matryoshka Doll Swag

Subtly located inside the main pouch is a Mini Tech Organizer that gives you the option to pack heavy or pack light. You can use the mini sack on its own, snuggly fit it in the main organizer, or use them individually inside your backpack.


Made from recycled Kodra fabric with a double layer waterproof coating and equipped with sturdy YKK zippers, the MTW tech organizer keeps your gear completely safe as it's nearly impervious to bad weather conditions.

Sits Upright

It can sit open on the table, the floor, or your lap, making the organizer a seamless addition to both your home studio & mobile workstation.

The Details:

Brand: Moment

Product Type: Tech Organizer

Best For: Effortlessly organizing your work gear in your home studio but especially while traveling.

Moment MTW tech organizer thumbnail


MTW Tech Organizer

Is your gear rattling around in your bag? The Moment Travelwear Tech Organizer was designed by creatives to help take control of your tech essentials

Buy for $49.79

To Know:

Designed for creatives & rated by WIRED as the Best Everyday Backpack, this is the bag to work anywhere and travel everywhere. The pack is made from premium Kodra, features two layers of waterproof coating, and is immensely durable -- yet it's breathable, padded, and ultra-comfortable. The pack is camera-ready and fits all your gear, features compartments to keep it all organized, and grants quick access to it -- yet is discreet, minimalist, and ultra-fashionable. The bag has earned its stripes -- once you go MTW Backpack, you never go back.

What We Love:

Perfect Size For Your...Back

The designers studied the frames of various sized people and tested the straps, padding, shape, etc., to create a bag that sits comfortably on the back of anyone carrying it. There are 17L & 21L options to find your perfect fit regardless of your size or how much gear you lug around.

Perfect Size For Your...Camera

If there wasn't enough reason to snag The MTW Camera Insert, it fits snuggly into the backpack's main pouch, giving you easy access to your photo/video gear. Save a couple of bucks and bundle the pair in a set.

Perfect Size For Your...Other Stuff

The bag features a dedicated 16" laptop pocket zipped for weather protection and padded for drop protection. It has a fat water bottle pocket that can fit a 1L Nalgene bottle & plenty of remaining storage for chargers, headphones, notebooks, keys, and even sunglasses.

The Details:

Brand: Moment

Product Type: Backpack

Best For: Photographers & filmmakers who are always on the move and could use a comfortable, sturdy, daily carry backpack of the highest level

Moment MTW backpack black 21 L thumbnail


MTW Backpack

The minimal daypack you always wanted is here! The Moment Travelwear Backpack 17L or 21L has a classic look, ultimate organization, camera insert compatibility

Buy for $97.49

To Know:

A trailblazing creation by the legendary Stephen Jones, the Rugged Camera Sling is Moment's first DSLR-sized camera sling. As said best by Mr. Jones, this bag's the answer to what you get if you "strip out all the junk of the excess you need in a camera bag (and) hone it down to the essentials..." The bag uses high-quality & weatherproof build materials, a crossbody quick-release strap, and customizable & padded storage to help keep it in place and your gear safe & organized while on the move.

What We Love:

A Place For All Your Gear

The Moment Camera Sling has three places to store your gear -- a customizable main pocket (with its own pockets great for memory cards, film, cables), an open front pocket, and tripod straps (perfect to lug your Peak Design Travel Tripod). There’s a 6L and 10L version. Both are identical in quality, but the 6L is great for mirrorless or DSLR camera users, while the 10L is ideal for the drone flyers among us.

Long Day Comfort & Convenience

The sling has a padded wingback panel with soft fabric that feels comfortable all day, while the wide, articulated shoulder strap keeps the weight distributed on your body. The crossbody stability strap keeps the sling from sliding around when moving and bending down, and if you don't need it, it's fully removable. The main strap is multi-directional for right and left-handed shooters.

Creator Tested. Creative Approved.

Stephen’s mission was to make a sling that photographers & filmmakers love -- Mission Accomplished. I promise, the bag is everything an adventurer could ever want in a camera sling, and don't just take my word for it. The Rugged Camera Sling was rated The Best Overall Camera Sling by WIRED + received praise from creators like Jenna Ezarik, Patrick Tomasso, and Jesse Driftwood.

The Details:

Brand: Moment

Product Type: Sling

Best For: Photo/video creators who are constantly on the move and need a durable bag worthy of going anywhere they do.

Moment 106 132 rugged camera sling 10 L thumbnail


Rugged Camera Sling

The Camera Sling you’ve always wanted and can trust to carry your gear! Protective on the outside, padded and organized on the inside, comfortable for all day.

Buy for $97.49

To Know:

The dash mount sticks securely to any even car surface using super strong VHB tape. With a 23º rotatable ball head, you have the flexibility to position and view your phone at the perfect angle or orientation. Usable with or without a case, it includes our proprietary (M)Force magnet array which is even stronger than standard MagSafe accessories, giving you extra confidence your phone won’t fall off.

What We Love:

Case Or No Case

The car vent mount functions with or without a case on your iPhone and is compatible with MagSafe cases and accessories.

Real-World Tested

Believe it or not, some people have actually broken their vents trying to adjust poorly designed mounts. The back of the mount has an extra-wide plus sign design, meant to decrease the pressure put on the air vent and less likely for any accidental damage.

Attention To Detail

Made with stainless steel, which helps block magnet interference to your phone and focuses the magnetic field for a stronger hold. Designed with space throughout the circumference that you can use to wrap your charging cable.

The Details:

Brand: Moment

Product Type: Adjustable Dash Vent Mount

Best For: Anyone who needs an all-purpose car vent mount for their MagSafe compatible phone.

Moment 107 029 M Adjustable Dash Car Mount for Mag Safe thumbnail


Adjustable Dash Car Mount - for MagSafe

Looking for an easy way to mount your phone in the car? The Adjustable Dash Car Mount can stick almost anywhere on your dash and will hold your phone securely

Buy for $55.99

To Know:

You asked for it, they made it. The popular Santa Fe Shoulder Bag in a smaller cross-body fanny sling form. With 2L of capacity, this sling is the perfect sidekick for carrying your film camera, point-and-shoot, and plus-sized phone, along with all your daily essentials. The classic silhouette and super adjustable strap make this pack feel equally at home cross-body or around your waist. External zipper and cargo pockets are perfect for your quick access items like extra rolls of film. A simple internal slip pocket keeps you organized and easily fits plus-sized phones. Load it up and have yourself a looong weekend.

What We Love:

  • Can be worn cross-body or around the waist
  • Adjustable strap fits all body types
  • Interior slip pocket fits any plus-sized phone
  • Exterior cargo and zip pockets for quick access
  • Recycled 500D nylon and 210D ripstop materials

The Details:

Brand: Long Weekend

Product Type: Fanny Sling

Best For: Weekend warriors who love film and good design.

Moment Long Weekend 213 020 Monterey Sling Creme Multi thumbnail

Long Weekend

Monterey Sling

Eyeing a fun Sling? The Monterey Sling is the perfect sidekick for carrying a film camera, point-and-shoot, and plus-sized phone, and with your daily essentials

Buy for $39.99

How We Tested

We understand that sometimes the success of a day trip is determined by the gear we bring along with us. That's why Moment's experienced designers, engineers, photographers, and filmmakers curate what's made and sold in the shop with their fellow creatives in mind.

The materials used in the construction of in-house gear are thoughtfully selected based on comfort, durability, aesthetics, and environmental impact, then are rigorously tested in the lab using the strictest industry (or even military) criteria. For everything else, team members test gear out in the real world and document results & impressions in our comprehensive reviews. Finally, to make sure we put our money where our mouth is, we send the same gear we sell in the shop over to respected, third-party creatives to test & review for themselves.