Best Camera Bags 2018 | Our Top Picks

Moment photographers and filmmakers have hand-selected their favorite camera backpacks and bags for 2018.

Portland Backpacks Jm 41B
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Moment Content Team members Caleb, Niles, Natalie, and Julia took their top-selected backpacks for a day trip to Portland. Each person did an extensive review on the bag of their choice to test technical performance and functionality; all while sipping artisanal coffee and train hopping the Northwest. What better way to test a bag?

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Portland Backpacks Jm 26

Peak Design Bag 20L.

Natalie reading a book on a train in Portland.

Train travel with the Peak Design 20L.

Portland Backpacks Jm 24

The perfect backpack for cameras and laptops.

A pack that adapts to your ever-changing gear, lifestyle and environment, The Everyday Backpack was created by a team of designers, engineers, and photographers to meet the needs of creative, adventurous people. Natalie loves the accessibility to her gear with expandability to match different carrying needs. The different configurations of inner-compartments make it a great bag no matter what you're carrying.

The Pros:

+ How it feels when strapped to your back.

+ Its luxurious style that excels in durability.

+ The customizable pouches that can carry a butt-load of important gear.

The Cons:

+ When the top if overstuffed, the top latch won’t cover each piece of gear, making the top bulky. Easy fix for those who pack correctly, though.


Not too big, not too small, not too fancy, not too simple, Topo's Rover Pack is the Goldilocks of rucksacks. Niles needed a pack that had a timeless silhouette, but also wanted to make sure its functionality wasn't stuck in the dark ages. The exterior zipper pockets give access to smaller items, and the inner laptop sleeve keeps your laptop secure.

Additionally, all of Topo’s bags are handcrafted in Colorado!

The Pros:

+ The fun, minimalistic design.

+ It's lightweight, yet still packed with features making it easy to pack everything he needs for a day of shooting.

The Cons:

+ The side water bottle pocket can’t fit anything too large, making it difficult to pack in a 48oz Yeti bottle of water (or iced coffee).


The overall aesthetic of ONA’s bags are perfect for any stylish creative on-the-go, like Julia! Handcrafted from full-grain Italian leather that has a gorgeous, well-traveled aesthetic, the Leather Prince Street comfortably accommodates an 11-inch laptop or tablet, a camera, up to two lenses and small personal item making it a great bag for a quick commuting or a quick photo-shoot.

The Pros:

+ Julia is a long-time fan of ONA for over 8 years, so any bag they create is magic.

+ It's gorgeous style perfect for both professional shoots and a quick trip to the corner coffee shop.

The Cons:

+ Due to the crossbody feature, it can get pretty heavy if used for longer periods of time. We wouldn’t recommend taking this bag on day-long excursions or city walks.


Portland Backpacks Jm 44

Caleb and his F-Stop bag.

Portland Backpacks Jm 45

Caleb and his F-Stop bag.

Caleb loves F-Stop’s Dalston bag because of its side openings that provide quick and safe access to the main compartment for all his gear. Its main padded compartment fits with 5 dividers with thermoformed EVA shoulder straps and a reinforced carry handle. The ripstop material provides a water resistant shell making it great for any weather.

The Pros:

+ Caleb loves how easy is it to use when pulling in and out camera gear for shoots.

+ He can fit his entire C100 camera setup in the bag’s top pouch, which is great for those longer hauls!

The Cons:

+ No designated water bottle pouch.


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Whether you’re on your way to a coffee shop for a longer editing session, a client meeting, or to the mountains for a shoot in the woods — these four bags have you covered. All of these packs adapt to a creatives’ ever-changing gear, lifestyle, and environment for better performance.

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