Benj Haisch & A Babymoon In Paris

Instagrammer and Wedding Photographer Benj Haisch and his wife Maddie bring us along on their Babymoon to Paris, France.

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For my wife Maddie and me, Paris has always been a place of wonder. An iconic European city, filled with distinct foods, sights, and history. When planning our dream honeymoon over 6 years ago, we didn’t want a typical, tropical paradise and decided we’d stick with the culture and the fast-paced life of the city.


Since then, Paris has been one of our go-to spots that feels like home. When we take trips, we often make a stop and it instantly brings us back to different stages in our lives and relationship. We’ve probably visited the city 4 or 5 times by now, at all different times of year. There’s something about hearing a quick “bonjour” or “bonsoir” always feels familiar and nostalgic.


Our visits have come in all stages of our relationship– from dating, to honeymoon, to marriage. Earlier this year, we knew that this year would be the one where we’d finally begin to start a family. This past trip came as a “babymoon” of sorts, and a perfect breather before we move into this next season of life as parents.

Since we’d been a few times before, we never really felt as if we had to rush around and see all of the tourist sites, but spent most of our days roaming the city and exploring little side streets we’d never been down before.


While we were in Iceland, on the first leg of our journey, we jumped on Airbnb and found a little apartment in the Marais–the neighborhood is full of culture and pretty central to getting around in the rest of Paris.

On our morning walks to get coffee, we’d pass by Centre Pompidou which is this crazy, modern art building, smack dab in the middle of all of these classic Paris architecture. We’d move from there, past Hotel Deville, to Notre Dame or jump on the metro to head near the Tuileries and head to the Opéra.


Most of our time was spent loving the environment and the culture while walking the streets. Maddie is a fashion blogger and loved being inspired by the French stylings and outfits they put together. It’s always a hard mix between form and function when you’re out walking the streets for 12+ hours each day.


A few days in, we got really tired of all the walking and decided to jump on a cheesy, tourist double-decker bus tour, and it was actually a perfect way for us to get our sightseeing fix while still taking a day off.


One of our favorite days was simply spent taking the metro a little outside of the hustle and bustle to a park for some peace and quiet. One of the highlights was riding bicycles around this park, so we knew we had to do it. 

It was amazing to just relax, ride bikes around a little lake, and reminisce of how far we’ve come as a couple since that day we rode bikes at that same park, over 6 years ago. 

We sat there thinking of our future as parents, knowing that, next time, we’ll be in that park with our first child.

Babymoon Final

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