Basic Tips For Capturing Eyes Using A Macro Lens

Learn how to capture stunning images of eyes using a macro lens by following these easy tips that will make all the difference in your photos.

Josue Bars Eye
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The human eye is something you would never think to shoot, until you get a Macro Lens. The level of detail and imagination you can capture never gets old. And since every eye is different, there are endless people to shoot.


The tricky part of shooting the eye is both light and reflection. The best way to shoot this photo is near a window with a lot of natural light coming through. We also recommend that you have your subject sit up on a stool or chair, that way you can move them around until you find the right angle so that the eye isn’t consumed with reflections from the light.

– Vincent Carabeo

Gs Macro 5A
Gs Macro 6B


One thing I always try to keep in mind is to make sure the eye is perfectly in focus. I can achieve this using the focus slider in the Moment App, just to ensure the eye is tack sharp. Then, in post processing, bump up your clarity tool, sharpening, or contrast to really pop out the details in the iris of the subjects eye. 

- Josue Rojas

Josue Bars Eye4
Josue Bars Eye3
Josue Bars Eye2
Josue Bars Eye


You can also remove reflections by bouncing the window light off of a white wall or a sheet of paper. Once you find the best angle, make sure your subject is absolutely still, and get as close to their eye as possible (without touching it of course). We recommend removing the lens hood to get close enough to the eye.

– Vincent Carabeo

Gs Macro 6C

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