AudioEngine A1 Wireless Speakers Review

Small and Compact Pair of Speakers - Yet Powerful and Budget-Friendly

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Audio products — including Speakers and Headphones — play an essential role in the journey of a creator. While it is a well-known fact to have a better quality of audio recordings, very few users take the listening part seriously. If you are starting out your creative journey and want to buy something on a budget, the AudioEngine A1 Wireless Speakers would be an excellent choice for you.

To Know:

AudioEngine A1 Wireless Speakers are compact bookshelf speakers that pack quite a punch. They have a completely balanced sound stage and are not bass-heavy like several other speakers in the market. Importantly, these speakers do not have Smart Home Assistants built into them, nor a Digital Signal Processor. The sound is completely polished, yet unprocessed which is a stellar feature for this price point.

What We Love

Ease of Use and Connectivity

These speakers are extremely easy to set up and use. Connecting them wirelessly to your device is a smooth process.

Balanced Sound

Unlike other speakers leaning more towards pushing heavy bass, this one has a balanced sound signature.


These speakers are small enough to fit with almost any desk setup — but still loud enough to enjoy the music, podcast, or videos.

The Details

Brand: AudioEngine

Price: $199

Product Type: Speakers

Best For: These are great for any creator who is just starting their career and are looking forward to having good audio output without breaking the bank.

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A1 Premium Wireless Desktop Speakers

Get the quality sound you deserve on your desktop! The A1 Wireless Speaker System pumps stage-quality, stereo sound for an ultimate at-home listening experience

Buy for $199.00

A Bang For Your Buck

The importance of listening to the recorded audio is just as significant as recording it — if not more. This is why every editor would work with a good pair of speakers or headphones. While headphones can often be cumbersome, speakers get the job done every time. To hear the details in the recorded audio and sound effects that you might add during a video edit, it is essential to have a good pair of speakers as quality as the AudioEngine A1 Wireless.

The AudioEngine A1 Wireless is a toned-down version of the AudioEngine A2+, boasting almost all the essential features from this model. Though, with the A1, you would receive the same silk dome tweeters and the aramid fiber woofers packed inside a stylish modern cabinet to deliver the premium experience.

The exterior of these speakers are coated with a matte paint finish, making them look extra sexy and polished for any desk setup. Additionally, they are designed to fit in any corner of your house as the footprint takes up minimal real estate. Their overall setup process is relatively intuitive, as well, making this bad boy manual-free.

When you first receive these speakers, simply connect both the speaker cable and the power cable by using the speaker cables through the spring clips. Once that’s done, turn up the volume knob as that also doubles as the power knob. The speakers will now automatically go into Pairing Mode on Bluetooth, and you will be able to connect your device. Note that these speakers come with the support of aptX technology via Bluetooth — which will help produce a higher quality audio output with compatible devices.

Additionally, you can connect to these speakers via an aux cable. And if you want to experience a deeper bass, you can attach a subwoofer. Note that there is no USB Input or direct RCA Input connectivity available on these speakers, though you can find it on the AudioEngine A2+.

While these speakers are compact in size, they still pack a punch as they can reach a total max output of 60W. This output is loud enough to fill most rooms for casual listening, and even jamming out in the smaller to mid-sized rooms. While we say this, it is important to note that the angle of the drivers also matters when it comes to overall output and quality. You will get the best results when you have the drivers pointing right at your ears, to which we recommend getting the DS1 Stands.

Overall, the AudioEngine A1 Wireless Speakers can deliver a balanced and rich sound output without any digital signal processing. Though, if you love bass-enhanced production, you might be disappointed, thus we would recommend a subwoofer. For those who simply want to listen to the details and want to have a balanced audio output, these speakers are a great choice.

What We Rate


Sub $50 Sub $100 Sub $200 $200+

Sound Quality

Muffled What You'd expect Clear Super Crisp

Battery Life

Sucks Not Bad Good Lasts Forever

Build Quality

Cheap What You’d expect Solid Top of the Line


Fits in Fanny Pack Fits In Backpack Straps On Backpack Large Duffle Bag


Just getting started Understands audio adjustments Shoots Regularly Professional

In Detail

AudioEngine A1 Wireless Speakers are packed with Dual Class D Amplifiers. Also, they can provide a peak output of 30W per channel, including two speakers for the stereo output making the total sound output goes up to 60W.

While there is no RCA to RCA connection option, you are still provided with a choice of 3.5mm to RCA, helping you connect to RCA Output devices. For all the modern gadgets around the home that come with Bluetooth, you can use the Bluetooth on these speakers to get connected..

If you want to add a subwoofer to this setup, you will also get that option with these speakers. And while they don’t run on battery or have the features of a Smart Assistant, they will always be by your side when you need a balanced audio output.

What It Has

  • Balanced audio output without any Digital Signal Processing

  • Loud, clear, and true stereo sound

  • Aramid Fiber Woofers along with Silk Dome Tweeters

  • Total peak audio output of 60W

  • High-quality wireless playback via aptX Bluetooth

  • Compact size that fits in with almost every setup

What It Does

  • Delivers a loud and rich stereo sound experience

  • Enhances your desk setup

  • Provided an extended wireless range through the aptX Bluetooth technology

  • Plays your music when you’re running around the house

  • Help improve the audio quality in your videos


  • Amplifier Type: Class D

  • 2.75-inch Aramid Fiber Woofers

  • 0.75-inch Silk Dome Tweeters

  • 16-bit DAC - with Bluetooth Playback

  • Bluetooth 5.0 - with aptX support

  • Dimensions for Individual Speaker: 6″ x 4″ x 5.25″

  • Weight: 6.7lbs

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