A Perfect Guide to Exploring the Isle of Skye

This guide by Amelia Le Brun will highlight your future favorite spots to explore on the Island of Skye, Scotland.

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The Isle Of Skye is the largest, and most northern of the Inner Hebrides in Scotland and has one of the most diverse landscapes in the UK. Consequently, no trip to Scotland is complete without seeing this incredible place.

We don’t mean you should drive to Portree and putter around for a few hours. You have to head further north, until you find yourself trundling down single track roads, stopping for sheep to cross, and hoping you don’t meet another car coming the other way!

This guide will highlight your future favorite spots to explore on Skye:

#1 - Neist Point

Perched on a rocky outcrop on the most westerly point of Skye sits Neist Point, the most well known Lighthouse on Skye. Despite the huge numbers of photos to be found online and the long and slow drive down the potholed track, Neist Point is a must see spot while exploring Scotland, and well worth the detour. Although there is a path that leads right down to the Lighthouse, the more dramatic viewpoints can be found by exploring the cliff tops and edges that surround. There is nothing more exhilarating than sitting atop the cliffs, the wind whistling in your ears, and the distant sound of waves crashing below and seagulls screeching.

#2 - The Quiraing

Possibly one of the most photographed spots on the Isle of Skye, The Quiraing, is a natural and bizarre landscape caused by a landslip. This spot is a little out of the way, but it’s well worth a visit, especially in the early morning before the hordes of tourists arrive. Arrive before the sun rises, when the low clouds will still be clinging to the tips of mountains. It’ll certainly add drama to your photos. The Quiraing is one of those places that no amount of visits, its beauty never diminishes. And it’s incredible in every season and any weather.

#3 - Loch Coruisk

This is a less explored spot on the Isle of Skye, perhaps because it involves an eight hour hike or a short boat ride from Elgol. If you’re interested in saving time, opt for the second, less strenuous option. After arriving at the jetty, pick your way carefully round the coast line, over a river balancing on various ‘stepping stones,’ and began your ascent to a viewpoint. Most likely there is a easy route hidden somewhere that will take you up to the best view point, but you can also just start climbing/scrambling through the coarse heather and bog. You’ll get there.

#4 - Skye Shepherd Huts

Not so much a “must see spot,” this one is more of a “must stay place.” There are two Shepherds Huts, perfectly equipped with everything you could ever need for a short-term getaway. They are positioned very centrally, just a few miles out of Broadford, South Skye. The perfect little pod to adventure from and crawl back into every evening. Nothing beats listening to the wood burner crackle and the rain pattering on the roof. With no wifi and minimal cell service, this place truly is the perfect escape from it all.

Skye is, without a doubt one of the best places in Scotland. With its incredible coastline, beautiful hidden lakes, and a plethora of unbelievable landscapes hiding at the end of windy tracks, the whole island is an adventurer’s heaven. And though the beauty of Skye is most certainly well-documented and by no means a secret, it’s one of those places that you have to see to believe.

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