A Photographer's Guide to NYC by @twheat

NYC resident and photographer Tyson Wheatley (@twheat) shows us his favorite spots to see around this iconic city.

Moment Twheat Manhattan Bridge 3
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Anyone that knows Tyson Wheatley or his work knows he has a penchant for adventure and new experiences. It makes sense then that he calls NYC, one of the most diverse cities out there, home. 

Since we're big fans of his work, we asked Tyson to share some of his favorite spots in the city to explore and shoot. Here's what he said!

Botanical Garden

Near Prospect Park, this 52-acre garden is the jewel of Brooklyn and a great place to visit during all four seasons. Come here for a quiet break from the city and explore the many themed gardens within a garden. 

Moment Twheat Brooklyn Botanical 1
Moment Twheat Brooklyn Botanical 2

Brooklyn Bridge

A walk across the Brooklyn Bridge is one of the best things you can do in NYC, period. You will be blown away by this engineering marvel, while experiencing some of the most iconic sights in the city. Go early or late - otherwise, expect to fight off crowds for that epic photo. And look out for bikes! 

Moment Twheat Brooklyn Bridge
Moment Twheat Brooklyn Bridge 1


Santiago Calatrava's incredibly designed Oculus is a train station, plaza, and shopping mall near the 9/11 memorial. It's also one of the coolest buildings in all of New York. Be sure to explore beyond the grand entrance, and walk down the PATH station hall for maximum impact.   

Moment Twheat Oculus 2
Moment Twheat Oculus 4
Moment Twheat Oculus 3

Top of the Rock

This crowded, rather pricey tourist trap in Rockefeller Plaza is 100% worth it - for the experience, history, and incredible iconic views of Manhattan. Buy your tickets for sunset in advance.

Moment Twheat Top Of Rock
Moment Twheat Top Of Rock 1

Manhattan Bridge

My favorite views of Chinatown, the FDR Expressway, and Lower Manhattan can be found by walking across this bridge that links the Lower East Side with Downtown Brooklyn. You will be amazed by what you see - as long as you can tune out the very loud subway cars that rattle by every few minutes.   

Moment Twheat Manhattan Bridge 1
Moment Twheat Manhattan Bridge 2
Moment Twheat Manhattan Bridge 3

Brooklyn Bridge Park

This waterfront park in Brooklyn offers stunning views of Lower Manhattan, and, you guessed it, the Brooklyn Bridge.  There's a lot more to explore than you might think, so be sure to visit every corner before grabbing coffee or food in neighboring DUMBO.     

Moment Twheat Brooklyn Bridge Park 1
Moment Twheat Brooklyn Bridge Park 2

Wall Street 

Tall, old buildings, narrow, cobblestone streets, and surprises around most corners. Take the train to the spectacular Fulton Station, and then walk to the water for a visual treat.

Moment Twheat Wall Street 3
Moment Twheat Wall Street 2
Moment Twheat Wall Street 1

One World Trade Center

The tallest building in the Western Hemisphere soars high above lower Manhattan. The observation deck inside offers great views in every direction, but I prefer capturing the tower from the ground. 

Moment Twheat World Trade 1
Moment Twheat World Trade 2


Chinatown, and nearby Little Italy, are probably the most unique and iconic neighborhoods in Manhattan. Go for the most incredible sights, sounds, food, and people watching.

Moment Twheat Chinatown
Moment Twheat Chinatown 1

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