A Comparison Hand’s-On Look at the DJI RS2 and the RSC2

DJI introduces two new gimbals to their tech powerhouse with longer battery life, improved stabilization, and foldable options. Which one is right for you?

A Comparison Hand’s-On Look at the DJI RS2 and the RSC2

A Comparison Hand’s-On Look at the DJI RS2 and the RSC2

Which one would you take home?

DJI introduces two fresh gimbals to the tech world; the RS2 & RSC 2. Two extraordinary stabilizing tools from the tech powerhouse. Each cater to larger cameras, host a similar design, and better-than-ever features. Powered with longer battery life, improved stabilization, and foldable options.

We wanted to test the two of them in the field (literally, we took them to a Montana ranch) and compare them to one another. After careful consideration and multiple attempts at nit-picking the different features, it’s safe to say it’s a pretty darn close call. So, we’ll let you be the judge.

But, what’s the best part? We sell them both in our shop. Get yours today, down below.

  • DJI RS2 - For the Big Rig Operators - $849.00
  • DJI RSC2 - For the Everyday Shooter - $499.00

Sexy and high quality.

Not flimsy feeling, very sturdy.


The LCD screen.

Both in hand.

To Know:

DJI’s new RS2 will retail for $759, which is more expensive than the original Ronin S, but for the extra buck, you’ll receive a myriad more features and functionality. Firstly, the new RS2 is designed with carbon fiber to reduce the weight to achieve better portability and grip. Featuring a new scroll wheel around the trigger button seemingly allows for plug and play, smooth planning of the camera, and programming to control other features, as well. There’s even a three USB-C connection port on the arm, for stable cable connectivity. Featuring a small display with a joystick, a record, and a function button, this encourages the operator to quickly shift settings and manipulate the gimbal instead of having to do it on the smartphone app.

What We Love:

Rig It Up, Baby

Features nato ports and baseport opening to allow the perfect rig setup.

Holds Larger Cameras

Holds up to 10 pounds for larger camera operators.

1.4” TouchScreen

The touchscreen allows better control management and shift between toggles.

The Details:

Brand: DJI

Price: $849.00

Product Type: Gimbal

Best For: Big rig operators with a keen interest in the touchscreen LCD monitor.

Shop DJI RS2

The RSC2

Deliciously stable.

Take it anywhere.

To Know:

This gimbal will most likely be on all of my trips going forward. It’s equally the same amount of weight as the RS2 with a neat foldable design for compact packing. The connector sound between the metal and its body sounds impeccable; doesn’t feel flimsy or too lightweight. It has enough locking points on it so it doesn’t rattle during use, as well. This gimbal holds up to 5.5 pounds, perfect for my personal Sony. It has a small screen (not touchscreen like the RS2) on it which allows you to see what mode you’re in, the battery life, and speed sets. And lastly, I don’t have to carry removable cables to charge this gimbal, I simply use my USC-B connector for my laptop and voila!

What We Love:

Enough Payload for my Camera

Again, I use a Sony A6600 camera body with multiple zoom lenses and it works great. Not too much to lug around and high quality enough for better grip.

Don’t Have to Rebalance

I wanted to use this gimbal for stills on my trip, as well, and I luckily don’t have to rebalance the camera each time after use. Easy peasy.

Truly High Quality

Light, but not too light.

The Details:

Brand: DJI

Price: $499.00

Product Type: Gimbal

Best For: Camera shooters with smaller rigs looking for a more affordable option.


My Consensus

Physically, they look incredibly similar and essentially weigh the same amount, but the SC2 doesn't hold as much payload. Though, for most shooters, its 14-hour internal battery is plenty for most Mirrorless/DSLR combos. The S2 acts as a pro model, as the motors are seemingly a lot stronger and holds a 10lb payload which is any small-medium sized camera — including smaller cinema rigs.

All in the details.

How We Tested

In case you didn’t already know, I’m the Moment gimbal boy. I’ve tested and utilized multiple gimbals throughout my years to know which ones are perfect for the different range of cameras I own. DJII’s name continuously boasts quality and timeless tech products; I’m genuinely always impressed with the range of high brow features they curate. Although both the RS2 and RSC2 perform unique functions, both are stunning tools that will stabilize footage and create a true cinematic look.

Foldable to take just about anywhere.

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