7 Photos That Will Inspire Your Next Adventure

Tired of being jealous of other people's adventures? These 7 photos by @brodyleven, @forrestmankins, and more are all you need to plan your own epic adventure.

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As you settle into the new year, you might find yourself scrolling through Instagram looking at adventure photos, wishing you were out on the road, traveling the unknown. But there's still time to start planning your next great adventure

Instead of wishing you were the one snapping those stunning pictures, use these photos as a guide to inspire your next trip. If the mountains are calling you, go. If a city you’ve never been to is reeling you in, book your plane ticket tomorrow. If the open road is calling your name, get in your car and start driving.

1. Grand Tetons Range, Wyoming // Photo by Forrest Mankins


2. Arches National Park // Photo by Heidi Lee


3. Iceland // Photo by Brody Leven


4. Tucson, Arizona // Photo by Julia Manchik


5. Alaska // Photo by Caleb & Ariana Babcock


6. Big Sur, California // Photo by Mckenzie Barney


7. Blanket Mountain, British Columbia // Photo by Erik Hedberg


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