7 Most Photogenic Donut Shops in the US

Ready to ruin your New Year’s resolution? Check out the 7 Most Photogenic Donut Shops in the US, by Brian Cason @briancason.

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Let’s face it, your New Year’s Resolution to eat healthier already seems like an impossible feat. While we support you and your resolution, we also know that sometimes you need to treat yourself.

There are endless ways to satisfy your sweet tooth, but undoubtedly our favorite vice is donuts. And we firmly believe that if it’s worth eating, it’s worth photographing. That’s why we searched across the US to create this list of the most photogenic places to ruin your 2017 resolutions.

Pip’s Original

Portland, OR

You’ve probably seen this Pacific Northwest staple on your Instagram feed at some point. Pip’s Original serves up tiny donuts that pack a tasty punch. Their simple donuts with flavorful themes pair well with their homemade chai. Located just a few minutes from the airport, it should be your first stop in Portland! Grab a donut, and take a photo by the iconic mural outside.

Donut Pub

New York, NY

This whimsical shop has been serving quirky donuts in its Hell’s Kitchen shop since 1964. Don’t let the facade fool you though; this small shop has some of the best donuts in the entire city. Their fun creations will inspire you to capture creative portraits in the surrounding area. Or, for an extra challenge, try stacking your colorful donuts and photographing them in front of your favorite NYC landmark.

Glazed Gourmet

Charleston, SC

With Charleston becoming one of the hottest food destinations in the US, it’s no surprise you’ll find a variety of great eats here. To get your donut fix, stop by Glazed Gourmet, where you’ll find nothing but the best when it comes to ingredients. They take their sweets seriously, using only natural ingredients. Serving up a dozen different flavors every day, you’re sure to find something to suit your taste buds. Get adventurous with their ‘The Beet Salad’ or ‘Irish Car Bomb,’ or enjoy something more traditional like the ‘Chocolate Sprinkle’ or ‘Coconut’.

Astro Doughnuts

Washington, DC

Who said donuts can’t be a full meal? Stop at Astro Doughnuts, and it can be. That’s because, at Astro, donuts and fried chicken go together like, well, donuts and fried chicken. You’ll find their classic and seasonal creations at their store (just around the corner from The White House!) or their roaming food truck. Trust us, you haven’t really lived until you’ve had a chicken sandwich on a donut bun.

Five Daughters Donuts

Nashville, TN

Known for having one of the best coffee scenes in the country, you better believe Nashville is baking some killer donuts too. Five Daughters Donuts is a family affair, offering donuts made from organic, non GMO ingredients. So, if you’re going to break that resolution, you can do it here and feel… less guilty? Their sleek decor and chic neon sign provide the perfect backdrop for beautiful donut photos. They also have a live “Donut Cam,” so you can see exactly what’s in store before you show up. Now that’s technology we can get behind!

Gordough’s Public House

Austin, TX

Grab your forks because everything is bigger in Texas — including the donuts. Well, that’s the case at Gordough’s in Austin, anyway. Serving up elaborate concoctions of both sweet and savory, you can wash down that food coma with a tasty cocktail at one of their two locations. While one is usually enough for most people, we won’t judge if you go back for seconds. Arrange your donuts with your drinks, and shoot a fun and simple shot from above.

Donut Bar

San Diego, CA

If toppings are your thing, look no further than Donut Bar. Their classic donuts topped with amazing flavors will help your photos speak for themselves. Fill the frame with your colorful donuts, or try shooting them against a complementary colored background. No matter your flavor or style, these donuts won’t disappoint.

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