6 Instagram Photographers You Should Follow in Europe

Explore Europe with 6 Instagram photographers: @zhannakruk @daniele.vergari @artemmoroz @eljackson @theadventurizer @joshkjack

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If you don’t have any travel trips on the horizon yet, don’t worry. You don’t have to wait to explore new and beautiful places. You can do it from the comfort of your own couch!

We’ve pulled together 6 of our favorite Instagram feeds from Europe. You’re going to love their unique styles, and you might just add one or five places to your bucket list.

#1 – Zhanna Jacquier (Switzerland)

Zhanna has a very beautiful style ranging from landscape, lifestyle, portrait, and wildlife. The color palette in her feed captures the quaint, pastel-yet-luscious colors of the countryside and mountains. Her photos will make you want to fly to some of the continent’s remotest locations.

#2 – Daniele Vergari (Rome)

When you think of Italy, you probably instantly picture rustic foods, art that dates back centuries, and architecture that will keep you mesmerized for hours. Daniele’s gallery balances all of these subjects and more in his hometown of Rome. Give Daniele a follow to explore this historically classic city. “When not in Rome,” as they say.

#3 – Artem Moroz (Ukraine)

Photographer Artem Moroz will encourage your imagination to run wild. Some of his incredible photos use everyday elements in unique ways to give his images a surreal look. Artem is always trying new things when it comes to photography, making it incredibly hard to get tired of his work.

#4 – Samuel Taipale (Norway)

Samuel also has a bit of wanderlust, and we couldn’t be more intrigued. Not only are his photos beautiful enough to be stock wallpaper or on a postcard somewhere, but he is also a hilarious person to follow. Some of his captions and images have a jovial side to them, which is so refreshing.

#5 – Chris Konig (Netherlands)

The thing you’ll instantly notice about Chris’s gallery is his ability to tell stories with his photos. Some images have a cinematic-still-shot look to them. You can’t help but wonder if they really came from a movie. Chris is also an incredible landscape photographer, and he’ll probably motivate you to put on some boots and go hike.

#6 – Joshua Jackson (London)

Joshua’s Instagram definitely captures the London look in every way you could imagine. His street photography shows off London’s fashion, architecture, and transportation, which all bring his images to life. You feel as though you are walking alongside him in the street, enjoying the city through his eyes and vision.

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