5 Ways Photography Will Save Your 2017 Resolutions

Keeping New Year’s goals is hard! But it’s easier when it’s fun. Erica Simas (@filmandpixel) has 5 tips for using photography to keep your resolution.

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Want to know how to keep your New Year’s resolution this year and have fun doing it?
As we begin the new year we start gathering our ideas for self-improvement, we also start wondering how we’ll keep the resolutions we make.

Whether your New Year’s goals are about health, traveling more, or meeting new people, why not incorporate them into something you already do and love: photography.

Here are 5 ways to use photography to accomplish your New Year’s resolutions!

#1 – Get Active!

Photography makes you wander. It makes you get out and push your limits sometimes to get the perfect shot. It could be a hike, a city walk, or a wedding you are shooting; all of these things require you to be on the move. This is why it’s a no-brainer that photography can help you be more active! Check out some new locations in your surrounding city, go for a 5 mile hike, or trek up and down the beach. Any of these things are sure to get your heart rate up and give you the steps you need to hit your daily goal!

#2 – Photography as therapy!

Photography is a type of therapy. It relaxes the mind, makes you slow down to think about composition, and also releases endorphins when you are happy about getting the perfect shot! So why not use it to relieve some stress? Macro photography is especially meditative. First, it’s often associated with nature, and being in tune with nature can help you feel at peace. Secondly, the restrictive nature of macro photography requires you to focus on small, simple subjects, which can be very therapeutic.

#3 – Travel more

One of the reigning champions of New Year’s resolutions is to travel more. And as we know, photography is the best excuse to do so. You don’t even have to buy a plane ticket to “travel.” Try searching the internet for nearby places you’ve never been! Plan a weekend trip to a nearby town or neighboring state you’ve never visited. Photography encourages you to see more of the world — not only through your eyes, but through your lens — as you document your trip.

#4 – Meet more people

To all my introverts, this one is for you! Meeting people can be tough, especially when the internet gives you way too many options to do so, but there are many ways that photography can help you make some new friends. Join photography meet-up groups, or attend the next Instameet that takes place in your city. These walkabouts and gatherings will not only help you meet new friends but also introduce you to people who share the same hobby and passion.

#5 – Eating well

This is one of the easiest resolutions to break. Changing eating habits is harder than it seems! Don’t worry; there’s even a photography tip for this. Eating good food doesn’t have to be a burden; it can be fun, colorful, and appealing — not only to yourself but to others as well. Use your Moment gear to document your delicious meals. Create an Instagram or blog about your new eating habits. Compose beautiful shots with your food. #FoodPorn is a real thing, so why not embrace it?

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