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5 Unique Gimbal Moves You Should Know

The new Moment Pro Camera App integration for DJI Osmo Mobile 2 and 3 brings amazing button functionality to your gimbal. Here are 5 unique gimbal movements too

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5 Unique Gimbal Moves You Should Know

The Moment Pro Camera App now features Osmo integration, plus five unique gimbal shots for any gimbal.

Moment just released a new Moment Pro Camera App update for iOS that lets you connect your DJI Osmo 2 or Osmo 3 to the app so you can use the physical buttons on the gimbal to now control some of the most important settings. Setting up the buttons is intuitive and opens up new creative possibilities. Read on to learn how to get more out of your DJI Osmo gimbal with the Moment Pro Camera App and for five unique ways to shoot with your gimbal.

Connecting the Osmo and Pro Camera

Here are the steps for connecting your DJI Osmo 2 or Osmo 3 to Moment Pro Camera for iOS. Don’t worry, Android support is coming before the end of the year!

Note: If your Osmo is connected to a different app, you might have trouble seeing it until you disconnect.

  1. Grab your gimbal. Make sure it’s charged up.
  2. Download the Moment Pro camera app (or make sure it’s updated if you already have it).
  3. Turn your phone’s bluetooth on.
  4. Put your phone in the gimbal, balance it, turn gimbal on.
  5. Open app
  6. Go to settings - bluetooth devices. You’ll see ‘Osmo 3,’ select it and you’re done.
  7. Osmo 3 connected

You will see the word gimbal on the bottom of your control dials in Pro Camera and you are connected!

You can now hit the record button on the gimbal to start and stop recording while using the Pro Camera App.

In settings, you can also select what parameter you want to control with the zoom toggle. That means you can have dedicated button control of EV (which is overall exposure level but will still auto adjust based on your surrounding), shutter speed, ISO, focus, and white balance.

So depending on what you like to have control of you can now select it. Focus is an early favorite because it almost imitates a follow focus on a zoom toggle.

If you double press down on the zoom toggle it will cycle between lenses on your phone. For example, on the iPhone 11 Pro, it will cycle between the 3 built-in lenses.

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The Top-Down Push-In

One of the best things about shooting with a smartphone on a gimbal is the compact size and weight. This allows for some really unique angles and shots, including the top-down push-in without needing a helicopter or ladder truck. Getting a cinematic view of familiar subjects makes for great b-roll and compelling footage for your mobile storytelling.

DJI Gimbal with iPhone, Moment Lens, and ND filter DJI Gimbal with iPhone, Moment Lens, and ND filter | placeholder

Mount Your Gimbal to a Tripod

The second tip is mounting your gimbal to a tripod. Most gimbals have a ¼ 20” mount on the bottom so you can connect them to your tripod’s quick release plate and get some sick driving footage or timelapses. Simply set up your shot and go for a drive. I like to lock my exposure so that it looks smoother and doesn’t keep hunting for exposure. It’s also great for extending the length of your handheld gimbal rig, allowing you to get closer to action shots or a longer reach for vlogging.

Unique gimbal tips 09 Unique gimbal tips 09 | placeholder

Shoot Upwards and Rotate

Shooting upwards makes your subject feel powerful and larger-than-life. With an upward motion and 360 degree rotation, you can get cinematic, celestial shots of pretty much anything. In documentaries, they use this style of shot for a hero moment in order to celebrate the main subject.

Pro tip: When shooting an upward orbital shot, it’s best to shoot in 60 fps so you can maintain stability and consistent speed.

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Small Movements for Slider Effect

Some of the coolest gimbal shots are achieved with really small movements. Not everything shot on a gimbal needs to be a long, dramatic movement or sweeping pan. Using your gimbal as a mini slider can help you achieve another style of cinematic b-roll.

Quick tip for using gimbal as a slider: Use the back trigger to allow the handle to rotate separately from the head so you can keep the handle axis steady. Boom. Your camera looks like it’s on rails.

Unique gimbal tips 09 2 Unique gimbal tips 09 2 | placeholder

Use Foreground to Create Motion

Whether you’re shooting subtle or dramatic movements, having objects in the foreground shows the movement and highlights the buttery smoothness of your gimbal shot. From push-ins to pans to zoom-out shots, use objects to convey motion and accentuate the dramatic stability that gimbals are known for.

Get a gimbal and master these unique moves. Mustache optional.

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