5 Tips For Shooting A Short Film

Shooting a short film doesn't need to be hard. Here are 5 Tips that will help you get started shooting your next short film.

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5 Tips for Shooting a Short Film

We launched a Film festival called the Moment Invitational and with that, a contest to find the best community short film! In the Spirit of Filmmaking, we wanted to make this video and give you our 5 tips for shooting a short film. Obviously, there is a lot more that could be covered, but this is how we go about it!

1. Pre-Production

Everything starts with a concept. Ask yourself these questions:
What's your story?
Why tell it?
What's the end goal?
How do you want people to feel?

Start here. Write it all down. 

2. Gear

Using a tripod, gimbal, and a third-party app like Moment Pro Cam or FiLMiC Pro can elevate the feel of your film.

3. Communicate Your Idea

You know exactly what you’re trying to create with your short film, but, if you have others helping you on set, they might not. Remember to constantly communicate what you’re wanting to accomplish in terms of shots, mood, etc.

4. Be Flexible

As with most creative endeavours, some things just don’t go as planned. Stick to your plan as much as possible, but roll with the punches to make the best with what you have.

5. Post Production

Organization is key! Develop a workflow that keeps you organized to make every step of post-production efficient and headache-free.

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