5 Instagram Hashtags We Dig Right Now

Instagram is full of hashtags that enable us to dive into a community. Right now we dig FeedFeed, PlantsOnPink, StraightFacades, CarCorners, ParadiseOfMinimal.

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Everyone at Moment is definitely obsessed with the amazing community behind Instagram. One of the most powerful ways to uncover the depth of the community is through hashtags. Each has a unique story and a natural perspective that takes on a life of its own.

Here are five feeds that we are digging right now.

Photo by: @eatthegains


Hungry? If you’re not you will be after scrolling through #feedfeed. A sea of food photos and recipes with over 2.5 million contributions #feedfeed was started by Julie and Dan Resnick, a New York couple with a passion for cooking. When they turned to social media as a resource for cooking inspiration what little they found was disorganized and difficult to sort through. They saw a great opportunity to help curate great content and recipes and have turned their passion for food into a new career by building a food inspiration resource @thefeedfeed.

Photo by: @samglossips

Photo by: @msnycole

Photo by: @kaleandcaramel

Photo by: @alison__wu


Hello summer and hello dreamy images! We can’t help but smile when we look at #plantsonpink. Like a lot of great ideas #plantsonpink was the result of a unique moment of inspiration for Lotte van Baalen, an artist from the Netherlands. The idea hit her while riding her bike past a pink wall with some green in front of it. This little idea birthed its own @PlantsOnPinkaccount with a cult following of over 38,000 people from around the world.

Photo by: @visualmagnetics

Photo by: @bloom1979

Photo by: @carolinezanahoria

Photo by: @lflores

Photo by: @pantoneperfect


An architectural dreamland, #straightfacades challenges you to fill your frame with a building facade. Shooting photos for this tag is a fun way to look for symmetry, color, or interesting textures.

Photo by: @blackmobil

Photo by: @melekeska

Photo by: @poulainlep

Photo by: @windowshotwednesday

Photo by: @time.code


Whether it’s your dad’s favorite hot rod or a hipster’s dream van, #carcornersis full of colorful and interesting vehicles from across the world. #carcroners provides the opportunity to get creative with angels, light, and contrast to create a striking image with relatively simple subject matter.

Photo by: @carl_oliv

Photo by: @thejustinjay

Photo by: @daniluecht

Photo by: @marky_marc13

Photo by: @pablitovalls


If you have an affinity for simplicity then take a look at #ParadiseOfMinimalThis beautiful feed of images may seem effortless, but can actually take quite a bit of work to perfect. Minimalism requires your to look at things closer than you might normally or to be on the lookout for a single color pallet.

Photo by: @sasha_vithin

Photo by: @maswoks

Photo by: @ema_eye

Photo by: @crystowazeng

Photo by: @han_amelia

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