5 Amazing Destinations to Escape Winter

5 Travel Destinations to Escape Winter with @caseykaui, @diaryofalex, @danartriatmojo, @woosupreme, @gess8, Kauai, Miami, Jakarta, Chiapas, Cape Town

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As the northern hemisphere prepares for long, cold winter months, our friends in more tropical locations are breaking out the suntan lotion and stringing holiday lights on palm trees.

If you’re one of the folks stuck inside a snow globe, chances are you’ve considered a brief escape. Here are five warm places to consider traveling this winter:

Kauai, H.I., USA

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Kauai island is geologically the oldest of the main Hawaiian islands. This gorgeous island is home to some of the most incredible trails, waterfalls, rainforest, and cliffs in the Pacific. With probably the brightest blue, crystal clear waters you’ll ever see or swim in, this place should be on everyone’s travel list, winter months or not.

Cape Town, S.A.

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This coastal city and peninsula is the most popular tourist destination in Africa. If you’re into surfing, hiking or shopping, you can enjoy it all here. Spend a day relaxing by the beach, checking out some of the local museums, strolling the colorful streets of Cape Malay Bo-Kaap, or taking an aerial tram up to Table Mountain for spectacular coastal views.

Jakarta, Indonesia

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Indonesia’s largest city sits on the northwest coast of the island of Java. From gorgeous architecture, influenced by their mix of Malay, Chinese, European, Arab and Indian cultures, to incredible beaches, this city will satisfy those seeking city and paradise. Most people think immediately of Bali as the first getaway in Indonesia, but explore Jakarta, and you’ll find it’s like Bali with a touch of city life.

Miami, FL., USA

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Live in the US and don’t have a passport? No problem! You can head south to Miami, FL., where you can find city and paradise without even leaving the country. The beach city on the south eastern side of the peninsula is rich with Hispanic cultures, great weather, beautiful beaches, and a nightlife that will keep you going all night long.

Chiapas, Mexico

Captured by @gess8

Chiapas has an incredible list of things to see and do. Explore Mayan ruins, visit the cerulean blue waterfalls of Agua Azul, or take a boat ride through Sumidero Canyon. All of the natural wonders of Chiapas will mesmerize you. Here you will find incredible artifacts and architecture that date back centuries, giving you an even deeper understanding of Mexico’s rich history.

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