4 Tips For Shooting ISO Indoors

Indoor photography can come as quite the challenge on your smartphone, with these four simple tips — you'll be a master in no time.

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Shooting ISO Indoors

Without proper external studio lighting techniques, photographing subjects indoors can serve as a quite a challenge to any photographer (especially on the phone).

Luckily, the Moment Camera App allows users to independently control each setting, such as ISO, which adjusts the camera’s overall sensitivity to light. Below are a few tips and tricks that every photographer should know when shooting with manual ISO settings indoors.

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The Lower The ISO, The Better

Whatever indoor situation you’re shooting in, you’ll want to have your ISO set to the lowest number possible. Remember the rule: the higher the number, the higher the grain; the lower the number, the lower the grain.

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ISO 32 - Moment App
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ISO 42 - Moment App
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Complement The ISO With Shutter Speed + EV

Sometimes a lower ISO just won’t cut it, especially if you’re in a particularly dark space. Under these circumstances, you should compliment the ISO by either increasing your exposure value (EV) or lowering the shutter speed accordingly. This will allow your camera to work with extra light, but still be low enough to not have added grain.

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Get Near A Window

For optimal results, get close to something that allows outside light in -- the more natural, the better. This allows you to keep your ISO at the lowest number possible to avoid any unwarranted noise.

Plus, window light simply looks gorgeous on camera.

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Squeeze In Every Drop Of Light

It’s crucial to make the best possible use of sunlight while shooting interiors; this especially includes cars or ferry rides with tons of natural window light. Sunrise or sunset often provides breathtaking luminance for an extra splash of magic. In the Moment app, slide your ISO at a level that still illuminates the shadow’s details, while keeping your highlights at a minimum.

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The proper ISO level is crucial to a great capture, folks. Hope these tips inspired to you pick up your phone and fire away.

Happy Shooting!

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