4 Simple Tips for Taking Photos During Winter

Take your photography to the next level, we've outlined a few simple simple tips for taking photos during wnter

Pixel 2 Moment Wide Explorer
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Winter is my favorite time of year to go out and shoot. There's something about the crisp, cold air that adds clarity to images. And snow is an amazing contrast to a bright blue sky. For many, winter is dark and desolate. For me, winter is full of life and light - if you know how to capture it. 

Here are some simple tips for taking better photos in the cold:

Tip 1: Go Out At Night

It's colder at night, but that's a good thing. Only a few brave souls venture out into the cold, dark night this time of year, so use that to your advantage. Empty streets make great compositions that would be difficult during the day or in warmer conditions.

Pixel 2 Moment Wide Streetcar2
Pixel 2 Moment Wide Streetcar Night
Pixel 2 Moment Wide Nightvibes

Tip 2: Shoot From The Hip

I like to keep my Pixel 2 in my right hand with my finger on the volume shutter button while I explore. It lets me capture spontaneous moments in the streets that I would never have had time to capture otherwise.

Pixel 2 Moment Telephoto Streetwalker
Pixel 2 No Lens Snowman
Pixel 2 Moment Wide Truck
Pixel 2 Moment Telephoto Jay Walker
Pixel2 Telephoto Umbrella

Tip 3: Shoot the Horizon

In colder temperatures, our viewing distances are extended. That makes it a great time to photograph the horizon. And there's something special about the color of the sun this time of year. 

Pixel 2 Wide Forest1
Pixel 2 Moment Wide Sunset
Pixel 2 Telephoto
Pixel 2 Moment Wide Skaters

Tip 4: Turn Your Phone Upside Down

Turn your phone upside down with the wide angle for an even new perspective. Because the lens is on the top of the phone, rotating it 180 degrees lets you get a bit lower. If you tilt up just slightly, buildings look larger than life, and trees take on a towering aesthetic.

Pixel 2 Moment Wide Streetcar3
Pixel 2 Moment Wide Tony Stark S House

Taking photos with the Pixel 2 has completely reinvigorated my love of photography. I’ve gone through all the flagship phones in the past, but this is the first time I actually feel confident leaving my mirrorless camera at home. Coupled with Moment lenses, it's not only the best smartphone camera you can buy, it’s one of the best cameras. 

Don’t let the snow or cold scare you. Just shoot!

Patrick Tomasso is a freelance filmmaker and photographer from Toronto, Canada. You can follow more of his tips and tutorials on YouTube at http://youtube.com/impatrickt and see more of his photography on Instagram @impatrickt

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