Win An iPhone X: Enter The #My4BlockRadius Contest

Win an iPhone X by entering the #My4BlockRadius photo contest. Capture the beauty of the area immediately surrounding where you live for a chance to win.

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That's right! One grand prize winner will win an iPhone X and a full kit of Moment gear. Four runners-up will win full Moment kits. All you've got to do is enter of #My4BlockRadius photo contest. 

My 4 Block Radius Contest:

My 4 Block Radius is a project, started by Chicago photographer Ed Gilardon, in order to encourage other photo and video enthusiasts to capture the essence of their own neighborhoods. 

It's easy to get caught up, photographing your city's iconic symbols (the Willis Tower, the Hollywood Sign, the Brooklyn Bridge, etc). You start overlooking the beauty you pass everyday in your own backyard. 

So for the next week, take time to explore the 4 block radius around your home. Upload your favorite mobile shots to Instagram before Thursday, September 28th, at 11:59pm PT. Tag your photos with #shotonmoment and #my4blockradius. We'll choose winners on Friday! 

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1. Photo must be taken on a mobile device (using Moment gear not mandatory)
2. Photo must be uploaded to Instagram during window: 9/21-9/28
3. Photo must be tagged #shotonmoment and #my4blockradius
4. Photo must be original content, shot by you

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Judging will take place upon the culmination of contest entry window. Judges will make their decisions based on composition, creativity, and story conveyed.

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