36 Hours in Hvar

By ferry, by scooter, and more – here's everything to do in Hvar, Croatia with 36 hours.

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36 Hours in Hvar

Our Top Tips

We had an amazing opportunity to backpack Europe for an entire month! Talk about a dream bucket list trip, no? There were, of course, a million stops we wanted to make amidst this wondrous continent, but were thrilled we were able to squeeze 36 hours into one of the most beautiful and under-appreciated places in the world: Hvar, Croatia.

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Take the Ferry

The best way to get to Hvar is by ferry. The closest port town is Split where you can catch a two hour catamaran ferry to the Northern tip of Hvar. It feels more like a luxurious cruise than a ferry ride as you weave throughout all the picture perfect little islands of the Adriatic Sea.

Pro Tip: We caught a very early morning ferry ride so that we could get into Hvar as early as possible and explore the whole day.

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Stay in Hvar 

Hvar was an amazing place to stay to say the least. It is one of Europe’s oldest towns and you can spend an entire day walking the old, unforgotten corridors. There was a large square in the middle of the town that had sold a variety of fresh fruits and baked goods — perfect for packing a picnic lunch for the beach!

Pro Tip: We visited in October and things were very quiet. Most of the bars and nightclubs were closed down for “off season” even though the weather was beautiful. If you want a more relaxed atmosphere, we recommend visiting during early Fall. If you want more hustle and bustle, then we suggest visiting during the busier summer months.

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Rent a Boat

We rented our own boat for the entire day and it was quite affordable. After a short lesson on how to work the engine from our new friend Tito, we were off exploring in no time. The crystal clear turquoise water was like nothing we had ever seen. You could see all the way to the bottom of the ocean while cruising between small islands right off the coast. We jumped in and out of the water, nibbled on pastries  we had bought from the town square, and explored all the many little coves. One of the best parts about cruising around in our humble boat was taking in the impressive yachts that come from all over the world to harbor in these waters.

Best Time To Visit: Apparently with October being the “off season”, there was only one man named Tito renting out boats for the day. However, he said that there's a lot more boats that run during the summer months to accommodate the high volume of tourists.   

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Rent a Scooter

We were able to see the entire island of Hvar in one day on our scooters — we highly recommend renting one of these bad boys on your next trip. All of the quaint towns were unbelievably gorgeous to pass by. We were able to find a secret beach , where you have to park the scooter at the top of a hill and walk a trail down to a hidden inlet where we had the beach to ourselves. Additionally, there was a small restaurant at the bottom of the cove where we enjoyed a nice cocktail (or two). As like any trip's mishaps, both of us got totally lost and ended up on a rocky trail for miles along the coast line that we probably should not have ended up on. It spit us out at one particular lookout point called that felt totally unreal against the island's crystal sea.

Pro Tip: Rentals are probably going on whenever the weather is nice enough. Aggressive storms hit in the winter months, so much of he tourist activities halt while Hvar's fishing season begins.

Whether you're taking a scooter around Hvar's parameter, munching on fresh local fruit from street vendors, or catching sun rays near the glistening turquoise waters — Hvar is an absolute must for any well-seasoned traveler. 

Happy Wandering, Folks!

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