10 Unique Locations to Shoot in Seattle

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Sam Fu is a fashion/lifestyle photographer and social media strategist based out of Seattle, Washington. After first joining Instagram for the outdoor and landscape photography that is so popular among many, Sam’s style began to evolve and shift into what it is today. For his photography, Sam pulls inspiration from the streets of Seattle, which make up the vast variety of imagery that he captures. From architecture, to magazines, to art, Sam is constantly inspired by everything he sees.

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We recently caught up with Sam to find out about a few of his favorite spots for photos, and to see what inspires his creativity. From city rooftops, to train stations -Sam Shares a few of his favorite locations from around the city of Seattle.

#1 – Below I-5

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I pass by this spot often on my commute to Capitol Hill and it’s quickly become one of my favorites. It’s literally under I-5 off of Exit 168A, and best captured during the day in my opinion. At night you’ll definitely need a tripod to get a clean, smooth shot. When shooting this location you’ll get that “tunnel vision” look which is one reason why I like it so much. The lines of the supports underneath the bridge, make the space more dynamic and truly stand out.

#2 – Parking Garages

10 Seattle 3

One of the many parking garages in downtown Seattle that my friend told me about. I’m constantly challenged to see things in as many perspectives as possible in order to capture something unique. Light being the first thing I watch for, along with texture, lines, and the shapes of whatever I’m shooting. In this case I loved the curved lines and how the Moment Wide exaggerated the scale with the added element of my friend walking through the scene.

#3 – Line and Space

10 Seattle 4

Ever since I started doing more fashion photography, my eyes have been more aware of my surroundings. I’m always attracted to stunning architecture, lines, shapes, textures, and of course light. I found this perspective appealing because of the gridded lines and minimal color. This area is in the newer part of Capitol Hill on 11th Ave between E. Pike Street & E. Union St. in the very back of “Chop Shop”.

#4 – Urban Exploration

10 Seattle 5

Whenever I see something that catches my eye; I, along with my camera immediately gravitate towards it. I remember walking by this wall and doing a double take, excitedly telling the model I had to shoot here. This spot is located in the South Lake Union area somewhere on Boren Ave near the Amazon headquarters.

#5 – Union Station

10 Seattle 6

I discovered Union Station a long time ago, but never really got the chance to go inside and explore. One day I was out with a couple of good friends & we ended up wandering inside. I really loved the interior, simply for it’s massive and stunning architecture. I could definitely see a fashion editorial being shot here. I might have to make my way back.

#6 – Boren Ave. & Pike St.

10 Seattle 7

I’ll walk or drive past a location, time over time before noticing how photogenic it really is. This has happened to me a hundred times I feel like. This spot in particular is no exception, which is between Capitol Hill and Downtown Seattle on Boren Ave & Pike St. The light was just right that day and I remember being really excited about the photo. It’s the little things like that make for good memories.

#7 – Downtown Seattle

10 Seattle 8

There’s a certain feel to street photography; I love the energy of the city. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s so raw and unfiltered. I often times find myself drawn to the towering buildings scattered all across the city trying to find a vantage point high enough to capture it all. This certain spot I got to through the parking garage of a car rental service in downtown Seattle. I forget the businesses name, but their logo is bright yellow!

#8 – Mural Ampitheatre

10 Seattle 9

This was taken during one of the many #WWIM’s (Instagram Worldwide Instameets) last year at the Mural Amphitheater, near the Space Needle. The person in the photo is my friend @veekster. Her and a few other photographers were running the meet. I really loved this location, mainly because of that art piece. The color palette & abstract design add a splash of color to the image. The movement from Victoria brought it all together perfectly.

#9 – Totokaelo

10 Seattle 10

I’m very driven and inspired by the fashion industry, as well as the various architecture all over Seattle. This store is one of my favorite shops to go into for inspiration. I’ve had a few friends who worked here & I’d always come to visit. Everything from the clothing, shoes, magazines, & even the pottery inspires me in some way. This image was taken on one of the two stairway downstairs that lead to the lower level.

#10 – Louisa Meng

10 Seattle 11

I’ve been blessed to work with so many amazing & talented people through photography & social media. Louisa Meng (@whatupmeng) being one of those people. She’s a dancer, fashion blogger, and digital marketing strategist at Milli. This was captured in South Lake Union close to WeWork while we were out shooting for her fashion blog. I loved the soft pastel yellows and the different shades of blue that made up the windows.

Be sure to head over to Sam’s Website and Instagram for more of his work.

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