10 Stunning Places to Shoot in Hong Kong

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Timmy is an interior designer and photographer living in Hong Kong. His work often centers on the unique and imaginative architecture found throughout the city. Timmy’s attention to detail, symmetry, and his use of minimal color intrigued our interests. Turning the city into his creative canvas, his photography showcases the city’s structures in his own, unique way.

Hong Kong is known for having some of the most beautifully and intricately designed buildings in the world. To get a local’s perspective, Timmy shares a list of what he thinks are the top 10 places to visit in Hong Kong for architectural photography.

#1 – Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre

#2 – The Jockey Club Innovation Tower

The Jockey Club Innovation Tower was designed by the famous architect, Zaha Hadid. You can see the many elements of curvature and waves in her designs. I particularly love the concrete exterior of the building, and the vast space outside it allows photographers to fully unleash their photography skills.

#3 – Hong Kong Design Institute

The Hong Kong Design Institute building is where I pursued my interior design career. Ever since I started studying there, it has given me a lot inspiration in my photography. The structure is formed by white rods crossing each other which present an overall facade that is repetitive yet tidy. You have to visit the sky garden while you’re there too!

#4 – Tai Mei Tuk Reservoir

The reservoir is as spectacular as it is an enormous structure. A line forms between the blue sky and the grey concrete, which allows you to shoot amazing jump shots!

#5 – Lai Tak Tsuen

This is the only public housing left in Hong Kong that has this circular design. If you take a “looking up” shot here, the effect of the photo would appear as if you were at the bottom of a deep well. You should keep your volume low when you are inside this public housing as there are still residents who live there.

#6 – China Hong Kong City

This location is famous among tourists and local photographers in Hong Kong. It is made up of not one, but four buildings. The façade is made of a golden, reflective material, which makes the entire building glisten and shimmer under bright sunlight. Anyone passing by would not miss this eye-catching building!

#7 – Sheung Shui Pumping Station

This building is situated on the outskirts of Hong Kong and near the border between Shenzhen, China and Hong Kong. It’s located nearby the railway train repair plants. There, you are able to find huge water pipes, which have a very unique look. You can take photos at different levels and every shot taken is unique in its own way. If you’re adventurous, this is definitely the place for you.

#8 – Instagram Pier

This pier is well-known for its gorgeous sunset views. Every evening, you’ll see people gathering with their cameras and phones just to capture that breathtaking sunset. If you’re interested in taking photos of the sky and the sea, this Pier should not be missed. Depending on your luck, you’ll encounter stacks of containers being loaded at the pier. Taking shots of containers as the background is definitely a must-do there. Feel free to pose at the pier, because everyone is there for the same purpose as you–to take beautiful photos! Don’t forget to get a shot of the signature lamp post too.

#9 – Hong Kong Arts Centre

I like spiral staircases, and I love taking upward shots, so this place satisfies both of those interests. Once you enter the art centre, you would be greeted by a yellow staircase which gives you a beautiful view upward. However, the staircase that I like the most here is actually the one in the back. It’s not your usual spiral staircase because, instead of being circular, it’s a triangular spiral staircase. “Look up” shots here are not only stunning, but also artistic.

#10 – Yick Fat Building

A scene from the ‘Transformer’ movie was filmed here, which has helped it quickly rise to fame. It also portrays the housing problems of Hong Kong, in which limited land is available for the overpopulated Hong Kong city. Defending on if you go during the day or night, the effect of the photo will turn out totally different. During the day, there is a play on light and shadows, whereas, at night, there is artificial light shining throughout the whole area. If you are into nightscapes, this is a place you should not miss.

Photography and copy by Lo Ting Hong aka @timmy727

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