Here are 10 filmmakers we are in love with that we think everyone should be following. They challenge us to think bigger as creatives, to tell deeper stories.

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We are obsessed with video.

The art of creating moving images captivates us. It’s a creative challenge that few are truly successful at. And so when we started thinking about the filmmakers inspiring us at Moment we couldn’t help but come back to a group of people who impact the world through their labor of love .

Each is at a different point in their journey as a creator, but they all challenge us to think bigger about the stories we tell. They open the door to new places, deeper experiences. From adventures to music videos, these filmmakers inspire us.

Leonardo Dalessandri

In every film Italian filmmaker, Leonardo Dalessandri takes us on a journey in which truly feel as if we’re there with him experiencing it ourselves. His unique editing style and subject matter is something we haven’t seen before. His film “Watchtower of Turkey” had us hooked within the first few seconds.

Zach Lower

With each daily upload to Instagram Zach gives us a new short film, with a new vibe, and look into his daily life. Whether it’s roller skating, grabbing coffee in the city, or dancing during golden hour, each video tells a powerful story of life’s beauties. He reminds us that moving images can be short but impactful.

Christian Sorensen Hansen

Director, photographer, and self proclaimed taco fanatic. Each of Christian’s films carry a message of the beauty in the human spirit. His film “Know This” encapsulates what it’s to live life here on earth, the experiences, where we travel, birthdays, the good the bad, the highs the lows. His eye for capturing and sharing meaningful stories is impressive.

Ben Dowie

Ben’s films have an organic and honest feel. Full of sun-drenched memories, glimmering emotions, and intimate moments. Each film brings you along for an adventure and a good time.

Reed Morano

We first found Reed’s work when we saw the Olivia Wilde directed music video she shot for the band, ‘Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros’. What intrigued us most was that the film was shot entirely on an iPhone, yet still looked beautiful and held the quality you would expect to see from high level productions. Reed had worked on large scale productions such as HBO’s ‘Vinyl’ and many other independent films.

Andrew Studer

Andrew is a 20 year old photographer and filmmaker based out of Portland, Oregon. His gorgeous ‘Kauai In Motion’ timelapse film, among his other works, are impressive and give a glimpse at the level of talent among so many young filmmakers today. We look forward to seeing where Andrew goes in the film making space.

Caleb Babcock

Caleb is a freelance filmmaker from Seattle, Washington whose Northwest roots have deeply influenced his filmmaking style. Caleb’s work had gained worldwide applause from the Vimeo community and many of his films have been featured as “staff picks”. Adventure with a touch of vintage charm gives his films have a unique feel that make them easy to watch again and again.

Casey Warren & Danielle Krieger

Casey and Danielle are an Emmy Award winning filmmaking duo based out of Seattle who have worked with companies like ESPN and Nike to tell powerful stories. We first found them through their Film ‘Arri Journeyhttps://vimeo.com/124887760’ which is a tale about the beating heart of adventure that resides within us all. Each film they produce tells a captivating story that takes along for an adventure.

Sean Pecknold

Sean’s unique blend of surrealism and fantasy, coupled with his original themes, make for films you won’t forget. His music video ‘Helios – Embrace’ about the struggle we all face in relationships is one of many of his films we loved. With each video, you’re bound to be immersed into the story that Sean tells.

Tim Kellner

A Filmmaker based out of New York, Tim has an eye for creating stunning visuals that each carry their own theme and mood. He has a unique style, always putting something new into each video. Dark, moody, and raw – Tim’s work is something we haven’t seen before. It’s easy to get caught up watching his films one after another.

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