10 Adventures On Every Photographer's Bucket List

These 10 Instagram Adventure Trips are musts for every photographer! Advice from @jontaylorsweet, @benjhaisch, @griffinlamb, @brodyleven, @chadcopeland and more

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These 10 places should be on (and crossed off of!) every photographer's bucket list. So if you haven't hit all these spots yet, get on it!

Beyond their beauty, we believe these locations have more to offer than you might initially think. From hidden caves along the Oregon Coast, to snow-capped mountains in Japan, there's more than meets the eye. 

1. Iceland

Photos by Chad Copeland and Brody Leven

It seems everyone is traveling to Iceland these days. But, when you see their photos, you understand why. From the rugged coastline of Iceland’s windswept terrain to the steaming hot springs and a chance to catch the northern lights, it’s obvious why photographers always seem to be flocking to the Nordic island nation.


2. The Oregon Coast

Photos by Sam Elkins

The Oregon coast runs north-south along the Pacific ocean, forming the western border of the state. Known for its isolated beaches and rugged cliffs, photographers trek out to the coast for spectacular views and charming seaside towns.


3. Maui

Photos by Christian Cannon

If you’re looking for a destination where you can mix family vacation with an epic adventure, Maui is your spot. Maui is an island in the mid-Pacific, part of the Hawaiian island chain, and has places to cliff jump, hike, and, of course, capture stunning sunset photos. Drive the Road to Hana, or explore Ka’anapali Beach and Wai’anapanapa State Park. Or, relax on the beach with a drink in hand.


4. Switzerland

Photos by Gareth Pon

road trip through the Swiss Alps sounds like a dream because, well, the country’s landscape is just that mesmerizing. Switzerland is a mountainous Central European country, home to numerous lakes, villages and the high peaks of the Alps–making it the perfect travel destination for photographers looking to capture a little bit of everything.


5. Singapore

Photos by TJ Docena

Singapore is an island city-state off southern Malaysia offering a tropical climate, a diverse population, eclectic street fare and skyscrapers towering upwards. On first impression, Singapore is arguably the “New York City“ of southeast Asia. From the run-down temples overshadowed by the modern skyscrapers, luxury condos right outside jungles, to old-school food courts housing street-cart style vendors, it‘s easy to experience the city’s history without stepping a foot off the island.


6. The Olympic National Park

Photos by Vincent Carabeo

The Olympic Peninsula, located in the western area of Washington state, is home to a variety of wildlife and changing landscapes. From mossy-filled rainforests to foggy beaches and deep valleys, the Olympic National Park covers the peninsula with mountains, lakes and evergreens. It’s no secret that the peninsula is one of the most diverse areas of terrain in the Pacific Northwest, which makes it a great day-trip or gives you reason to visit again and again.



7. Norway

Photos by Griffin Lamb

Norway is a Scandinavian country encompassing mountains, glaciers and deep coastal fjords. If Norway is on your wanderlust list, it’s probably because you want to see the northern lights. Norway is noted as one of the best places to see the northern lights in the world because the belt hits Northern Norway in the Lofoten Islands and follows the coast all the way up to the North Cape and beyond. According to the Norwegian tourism board, the lights are at their most frequent in late autumn and winter/early spring. Between late September and late March, it is dark between 6pm and 1am, and you have the best chances of spotting the lights.

If you’re not planning your trip around the northern lights, Norway still has a lot to offer. The capitol of Oslo is home to a stunning opera house, and the train ride out to Stavanger is one of the most scenic rail trips in the world.


8. Paris

Photos by Benj Haisch

Paris is more than a romantic destination. It’s an iconic European city filled with distinct foods, sights, and history. Many of its notable structures–the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Arc de Triophe and the Louvre Pyramid–allow for capturing unique perspectives and interesting architecture. Whether you’re the type who loves to photograph buildings or French cuisine, or one who enjoys wandering down side streets for hidden views, Paris is worth exploring with a camera, maybe a few times.


9. Japan

Photos by Erik Hedberg

When most people think of Japan, they don’t think of mountains. The Japanese Alps are unexpected. Volcanic giants living on an exposed island in the Pacific Ocean, they are very alive. The massive, craggy peaks of the Japanese Alps are just a few hours outside of Tokyo. The winter sports hub of Hakuba, Japan is located just outside the city of Nagano. It was the host of the Winter Olympics in 1998 and the Hakuba Ski Jumping Stadium built for the games is located at the bottom of the Happo-one resort.

Japan is also great for photographing their delicate architecture and unique Maple trees. Whether you want to take a winter vacation for the sport, or immerse yourself in Japanese culture, photographing this country has many opportunities for adventure.


10. Thailand

Photos by Jon Sweet

Travel to Thailand and become mesmerized by the country’s culture, history, people, landscapes and, of course, the food. These cultural elements portray the beauty of this country and we think you’ll find yourself both vacationing and adventuring through its terrain. From touring the Buddhist temples to riding on long tail boats and tok-tok taxis, Thailand is an location worth traveling to this year.


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