Battery Case Updates

Last Updated: September 26th @ 4pm PST

Battery case is in stock and shipping! It even works with both iPhone 7/7+ and fits the iPhone 8/8+. Read below for the latest status.

Shipping Status

The battery case is shipping so if you didn't complete your Kickstarter survey or didn't get your pre-order please email us asap so we can make sure your order gets out the door. You can reach us at

Software Releases

These are the most recent software releases. You can download the latest Moment App here. You can learn how to update your firmware on our getting started page.

Case Software v1.1.8 (coming 9/29)

+ Remembers you turned charging on/off.

+ Improves iOS11 compatibility

+ Improves case connection to the app so it doesn't drop

Case Software v1.1.6

+ Fixed connection issues when the case is low on power

Case Software v1.1.5

+ Smoother battery level reading.

+ More stable firmware update structure.

+ Turn charging on/off from the Moment Widget.

App Software v2.7.4 (current)

+ Improves case stability so stays connected.

+ iOS compatibility

+ Makes case software update more robust

App Software v2.7.1

+ Enable charging on/off from the widget.

+ Fixes connectivity issue with v1 cases.

+ Additional bug fixes.

Reported Bugs

If you find any bugs please email us at or send feedback from within the app so we can help. To send us feedback in the app click the (M) icon in the lower right corner and then Feedback on the bottom of the page. Here are the known issues we're working on:

+ iPhone 8/8+ compatibility.

+ Reading battery levels more accurately. The battery case levels in the App or in the widget can vary slightly from actual levels. We use an algorithm to estimate battery remaining and that algorithm needs a little more work to make sure the battery percentage you see in the App and Widget are totally accurate.