Waterproof Housings

Take your camera or phone into the underwater kingdom! Waterproof Housings open the depths and your photography and video to new limits.

Learn More About Waterproof Housings

Content creators, specifically photographers & filmmakers, tend to have the souls of adventurers as well. No wonder why some of the most impressive pictures & videos (that get the most engagement on social media) seem to be captured from outrageously interesting places -- mountain tops, grand valleys, foreign cities, and even underwater!

Though we creatives have gear like drones and gimbals to thank for this, there’s one piece of equipment in particular that has helped adventurers the world over capture spectacular footage from the last-mentioned location -- waterproof housings.

Waterproof housings are essentially cases that enable your camera to take underwater shots while keeping them protected from water, one of the oldest known nemeses of the digital gear we invest so much on.

At Moment, we want photographers & filmmakers to push the limits of their imaginations. It’s why we host film festivals, offer creator grants to fund big ideas, and work tirelessly to build a strong community of creatives with the purpose of sharing insights.

Water is the last thing we want to stop you from achieving your best productions. So, we sell the best waterproof housing gear regardless of how deep your passions take you.

Learn more about what waterproof housings are, explore use cases, then get a sneak peek of some of our best housings & accessories you can bring along next time you’re getting wet and wild.

What Are Waterproof Housings?

Yes, in a nutshell, waterproof housings are what we described above -- cases for your camera that allow photographers & videographers to capture underwater footage without fear of damaging the precious camera you use to see the world and create memories.

But on a deeper level, waterproof housings are lifesaving pieces of tech that vary in complexity. Ultimately, they use different clips, cables, controls, and buttons to ensure your camera stays secure while simultaneously allowing you to get full access to your camera’s functions.

There are camera housings for all sorts of different models, from large cine cams to DSLRs & mirrorless cameras, or even your smartphone. Some camera housings let you get a few feet below the surface, while others enable photographers to reach depths of over 30 feet while keeping the camera secure. Sizes vary as well, with many high-end mirrorless camera housings weighing in at only a few pounds, which actually makes them less cumbersome than other types of rigs.

Of course, like all tech, there are some cons. Housings are made from materials including silicon, plastic, metal, and glass. While some underwater housing equipment is more durable than others, they’re by no means indestructible, they’re not always super comfortable, and there are boundaries to how deep you can go and how long your camera can stay submerged.

The advantages, however, far outweigh the drawbacks as underwater housing equipment, quite literally, gives content creators whole new worlds in which to capture footage.

Use cases for waterproof camera housings are practically limitless as you can use them both in and out of water. But water-specific examples include things like:

  • Capturing sweet videos of surfers shredding the line of a perfect wave (above water)
  • Snagging breathtaking images of the life that teems within the sea while snorkeling (shallow water)
  • And of course, one of the most popular use cases for a waterproof housing for your camera -- scuba diving (deep water)

The limits of what you can do with your camera housing are up to you. But one thing is for sure -- if you take pictures or videos in water and don’t have a waterproof case, then dedicated housing is an essential piece of gear that aquatic adventurers should not lack.

We hope we’ve made at least the basics of what waterproof housings are abundantly clear and helped inspire you to think what kind of epic footage you can shoot by listing off some popular use cases.

Now, let’s show you some of the industry’s top waterproof housings for your phone and camera + introduce you to some handy accessories that go along with them.

Let’s dive in.

Our Top Picks of Waterproof Housings & Accessories

At Moment, we have a healthy selection of tough, versatile, and high-quality housing from your favorite manufacturers.

For iPhone photographers, we offer the AxisGO 11 Pro / X / XS Water Housing and the AxisGO 11 Pro Max / XS Max Water Housing. These housings easily snap onto your iPhone and allow you to effortlessly snag images of the beauty beneath the ocean, with their impressive 33 feet depth rating. The AxisGo housing strategically enables all three lenses on your iPhone to function fully AND gives you complete access to your smartphone’s touch screen -- which makes taking selfies and accessing other features on your device a breeze.

Pair the AxisGo with an accompanying acrylic dome that lets you capture crystal clear images underwater, or with the AquaTech Bluetooth Pistol Grip for even more control.

For the Canon users out there, we have the EDGE Canon R5 Sport Housing by AquaTech. The perfect companion for your Canon EOS and the “culmination of the design principles AquaTech has been perfecting for over 20 years.” The EDGE is their most compact, creator-friendly housing, while also enjoying its place as one of the industry’s most advanced waterproof rigs. This rig is designed with professional adventure content creators at heart, while keeping the everyday enthusiast in mind.

As with the previous housings for iPhone, the EDGE has a depth rating of 33 feet, giving you ultimate freedom and security while in the ocean. Features of this polycarbonate case include a ton of tactile camera controls, a glass eyepiece providing complete coverage of your lens’s electronic viewfinder. Features don’t end there, however. We can rave all day over this flagship underwater housing, but you get the idea.

Best part? The EDGE only weighs a mere three pounds! Ideal for all-day carry for serious in-water photography sessions.

If you're more of a Sony person, check out its cousin, the AquaTech EDGE for the Sony a7 III.

Other gear and accessories compatible with our waterproof housing lens port caps, leashes, cleaning kits, and more. Scroll up for a complete view.

For now, we’ll answer a few FAQs from photographers & filmmakers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why is underwater camera housing expensive?

Underwater camera housing gear is relatively expensive compared to other photography and videography gear, for instance. The reason is that camera housings are basically cameras that go over your camera! Housings enable you to access all your camera’s features (including supporting different lenses) while keeping it protected from the elements, especially water.

How can I waterproof my camera for cheap?

You can “waterproof” your camera for cheap using different methods, like utilizing special plastic bags. However, this severely limits both access to your device’s controls & features and protective ability. If you’re serious about underwater photography, we recommend investing in waterproof housing equipment, even if it’s not one of ours.

Don’t invest your precious money in a dope camera, lenses, memory cards, etc., and then let it all go down the drain during one trip to the lake.

How do you waterproof a DSLR camera?

You can waterproof a DSLR camera using the similar methods mentioned above -- certain types of plastic bags, caps, etc. But, nothing works better for hardcore underwater photography like waterproof housing. We recommend the AquaTech EDGE for supreme protection and functionality.

Wrap Up

Creativity leads to content creation, content creation leads to adventure, adventure may lead you to some serious aquatic escapades. Without the proper protection, you could very well be limiting your own creativity, that’s why we make sure to help content creators whether they’re snagging content from the sky, the ground, or yes, even the depths of the sea. Need help figuring out which housing fits your camera? Reach out to a Gear Guide for help. Happy diving!