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Get the most out of your gimbal and customize your gimbal to your exact needs! We've got counterweights, mounts, grips, and more for your gimbal here.

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We all know that sweet, cinematic-looking videos wouldn’t go as far as they do without the help of portable yet powerful rigs like waterproof housings and, of course, the almighty gimbal. Likewise, gimbals may not provide the support and stabilization they do without the right gimbal accessories.

What are gimbal accessories, and where can you buy the right ones to ensure your rig is ready to bring the balance to your moving photos & videos?

Before we answer that question, we need to make sure we have a solid idea of what gimbals are so that we can piece everything together.

Gimbals 101

If you’re on the hunt for gimbal accessories, there’s a solid chance that you already know what gimbals are, which means you’re most likely well aware that we carry the best gimbals in the game, curated by pros. For those who aren’t quite sure -- no worries. Here’s the gist.

Gimbals are (usually) portable apparatus that, as mentioned above, are the secret sauce to capturing smooth footage while moving. The most sophisticated are 3-axis rigs that look a bit like antennas or robot arms and use sensors and motors that enable your camera to rotate among its three axes -- the pitch, yaw, and roll -- by counteracting the movements your camera makes. Essentially, gimbals push and pull your camera using the opposite force, thereby creating a balanced shot.

For a more detailed explanation (as well as information on what to look for when purchasing one), check out the main gimbals & rigs page.

Our wide selection of gimbals includes the large, able to carry your DSLR camera and all its attachments, to the compact, perfect for videography shot from smartphones.

One of our favorites is the DJI RS 2, their most powerful “small-sized” gimbal -- weighing under three pounds yet capable of carrying 10. And a couple of pro favorites for phone filming (that we have in our shop) include the Zhiyun Smooth 4 and the Freefly Movi, designed to bring cinema-quality camera moves to your iPhone.

Now that you definitely know what gimbals are and have been introduced to some of our best, we’ll go over the accessories you need to make sure you can get full use of the gimbal you're investing in.

Gimbal Accessories For Mobile Filmmakers

The main type of accessories for your gimbals are counterweights and hand grips. Let’s talk a bit about each, then show you where you can find top-of-the-line gimbal attachments at affordable prices.


Counterweights are exactly what they sound like -- weights that attach to your phone gimbal to help perfectly counterbalance and calibrate the stabilizer. Counterweights are small, simple pieces of gear. They look sort of like nuts and bolts but provide much more than meets the eye. Counterweights make your handheld phone feel as powerful as a cine cam by allowing filmmakers to move their phones freely as the counterweights perform the same tasks that large, expensive, fancy gimbals do with advanced sensors.

Think of your gimbal as a seesaw, and your phone and counterweights are what balances that seesaw.

At Moment, our counterweights are capable of balancing your phone on its gimbal without your gimbal’s motor having to work harder than it needs to.

Here are some of the counterweights we have in our inventory -- compatible with the gimbals you’re already buying.

Our Counterweights for the Osmo Mobile (3 and 4) allow you to balance your phone while using our Moment-branded lenses. Since our lenses are high-quality (since they’re made of #realglass), they’re heavy. The OS counterweights make that a non-issue. Learn more about the OM gimbal and get a breakdown of what works well and what doesn’t with these counterweights in our OM4 + Moment Lenses Guide on YouTube.

The Moment Universal Counterweight has an adjustable design that lets you perfectly counterbalance your case and lens setup. It’s simple to use and compatible with a variety of gimbals -- hence the name “Universal.”

Best part? The Moment Universal Counterweight is covered by our two-year warranty. Order yours today.

Watch our Getting Started Guide for the Universal Gimbal Counterweight.

Of course, since we name-dropped the Freefly Movi gimbal as one of our favorites, we thought it’d be appropriate to include our Counterweight for Movi as well. An adjustable counterweight that allows you to achieve a near-perfect 3-axis balance while using our Moment lenses. Learn how to attach the counterweight system for best results in our How To Set Up Your Freefly Movi + Moment Lenses guide on YouTube -- a popular video for even non-Movi owners.

Handheld Stabilizers

Great Hand grips for your gimbals are vital tools of the trade. Regardless of how compact your rig is, all-day carry can get old pretty fast. Having a comfortable place to grip your hands is a lifesaver for the videographers who are constantly on the move.

The RS2 & RS2C Dual Handgrip from SmallRig is designed to drastically reduce arm fatigue when shooting -- while providing extra accessory mounts. The Dual Handgrip is adjustable, secure as heck, and easily attachable/detachable. In other words, it’s the gimbal accessory you need for your DJI.

Moment also carries a single Sling Handgrip for the RS2 & RS2C. Of course, also designed to reduce arm fatigue, while at a more affordable price point.

We hope we’ve made it easy to see why the right gimbal accessories are crucial to add to your gear bag and got you excited to order your accessories so that you can start shooting your smoothest footage today! If you have more questions, read the internet’s frequently asked questions about gimbal accessories.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do you use Moment Counterweight?

Using a Moment counterweight is as simple. Undo the velcro from your counterweight, find the hook, attach it to your gimbal’s arm, then slide the velcro through and smoothly press it together. For an easier and more detailed breakdown, watch our Getting Started Guide for the Moment Universal Counterweight above.

How do you balance an Osmo?

The best way to balance your Osmo is by securely attaching your phone to your Osmo gimbal and using the proper Counterweights for your Osmo Mobile -- which we sell here at our shop for the OM 3 and 4. Watch how to properly use the Osmo, counterweights, and Moment lenses in our detailed video guide above.

What is a mobile gimbal?

A mobile gimbal is a compact rig that helps stabilize your camera while you’re moving, allowing you to capture rich, buttery footage. Most gimbals are mobile as opposed to rigs like a camera crane. However, gimbals come in different shapes in sizes -- from large ones compatible with your cine cam or DSLR camera to superlight and simple gimbals compatible with your smartphone.

Wrap Up

Gimbals are the secret to how mobile filmmakers capture dramatic, cinematic footage while on the go by securing and stabilizing their cameras -- whether DSLR, mirrorless, phone, or otherwise. But, without the proper gimbal accessories, your rig may only work half as well, and you may only be able to work for half as long without fatigue.

Do your arms, shoulders, back, and legs a favor and invest in counterweights & hand grips that do all the balancing and heavy-lifting for you. Still not sure which gimbal accessory is best for you? Reach out to an expert Gear Guide to help you find your level.