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Take your footage to the next level with added optical range, like our dreamscape Moment Drone Anamorphic Lens.

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For being so small, your drone anamorphic lens can make a big difference in the outcome of your live-action productions.

Consumer-level tech like anamorphic lenses are taking over the world, so much that gone are the days of needing high five to six-figure budgets to create stunning films worthy of that $15 bag of movie theater popcorn.

We've had anamorphic lenses for mobile devices for a while. However, you can now buy an anamorphic lens for your DJI drone!

But what's a drone anamorphic lens, what’s it used for, and do you even need one? We’ll answer these questions and more below.

What Is a Drone Anamorphic Lens?

A drone Anamorphic lens is a lens with personality! Distinguished by their square shapes and horizontal lens elements, anamorphic lenses squeeze a more horizontal field of view onto the same sensor size. Now, you can bring cinematic aspect ratios, premium glass, and juice lens flares to your drone footage with anamorphic lenses for your DJI Mavic Pro and Zoom.

You can liken it to copping a brand new video set up for the price of a piece of glass, like our man John Montesi points out in his review.

The lens makes 16:9 footage feel insignificant, letting you capture a 2:40:1 widescreen aspect ratio by adding the true black bars seen on the top and bottom of Hollywood films -- giving your homemade films that cinematic look, without cropping your image or losing quality whatsoever. As far as Moment’s Mavi 2 Pro lens, the 1.33x magnification ratio captures the slight horizontal lens distortion, giving footage the “bursting” look that makes it indistinguishable from high-end cinematic cameras.

Learn more about Moment’s anamorphic drone lens in our hands-on guide.

Do You Need a Drone Anamorphic Lens for Your Mav 2 Pro?

In short, yes, especially if you yearn to create professional-level films without spending Hollywood director-level money on equipment. If bang-for-buck isn’t enough to convince you, consider another good reason to include a Moment Anamorphic Lens in your toolbox.

Moment’s Mavic Pro Drone Anamorphic lens delivers results that were once reserved for Hollywood for less than the price of a gaming system. Plus it’s optimized to shoot in 4K and is covered by Moment’s lifetime warranty. If you’re a serious creator who’s not afraid of pushing past your boundaries, adding a drone anamorphic lens for your Mac 2 Pro is a win-win.

Mavi 2 Pro Anamorphic Lens

Imagine that kind of power coming from your drone? Well, there’s no need to. Moment’s Mavic 2 Pro Drone Anamorphic Lens is designed to bring you those juicy flares, true black bars, and that smooth cinematic look we mentioned, for less than $150!

Moment’s true anamorphic lenses have horizontal elements, instead of spherical ones, creating unmistakable oval bokeh, unique light artifacts, and those horizontal lens flares found in vintage anamorphics.

Moment’s drone anamorphic lens is hand-polished and cinema-quality. In fact, it’s the same glass you’ll find in 4K cinema cameras! The lens features Moment’s industry-first Lock and Balance Mounting System, creating a secure lock that doesn’t impede the gimbal.

Learn the ins and outs of getting set up in our step-by-step guide to your Anamorphic Drone Lens with Caleb & Spencer.

If you're still on the fence on how to use a drone anamorphic lens and why exactly you need one, drop everything and watch six skilled drone filmmakers fly Moment's Drone Anamorphic and let us know if it changes your mind (or at the very least inspires you to try something new). :)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is an anamorphic lens?

An anamorphic lens allows you can capture cinematic 2:40:1 aspect ratio footage using your drone’s native camera--all without cropping or overlaying black bars. Instead of removing data from your footage, you’re adding more. The 1.33x magnification ratio captures more of the scene and delivers that slight horizontal lens distortion that gives footage its “bursting” look that is so unmistakable from high-end cinematic cameras.

What does an anamorphic lens do?

An anamorphic lens is a special lens that brings premium glass, a unique, cinematic look, and juicy lens flare to your drone footage guaranteed to level up the look of your videos and make them pop. Think of the black bars on the top and bottom of Hollywood films, without losing any data from your footage.

Do I need an anamorphic lens?

Yes. If you want to bring a cinematic look to your videos, whether warm, rich tones and golden flares or sci-fi-looking flares inspired by the 1960s, you want your hands on one of Moment’s drone anamorphic lenses. You can find an industry-standard model at Moment for less than $150!

How do you use the Moment Anamorphic lens for DJI Drones?

Get every detail in our Getting Started with our Anamorphic Drone Lens Guide.

Wrap Up

A top-notch drone anamorphic lens is a crucial piece of equipment for filmmakers who want to create cinematic-grade productions as efficiently and cheaply as possible. With its power and unique lightweight form factor, the Moment Mavic 2 Pro Anamorphic Drone Lens is well-worth a try.

If you’re still not sure which drone lens is for you, reach out to one of our knowledgeable Gear Guides at hello@shopmoment.com, and they’ll happily set you up with the knowledge you need to make your own decision.