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All the lens accessories your lens could ever need we've got! All the way from lens adapters to non-scratching cleaning solutions to protective gear.

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You should realize that most creative gear parts today demand specific accessories tools.

Whether you are a mobile photographer or a filmmaker, you will need Lens Accessories – at some point. And when you first invest in a mobile or professional lens, it might seem like a huge investment – but well, that’s just the beginning of elevating your content and taking the creative career seriously. Taking care of your new gear, both for extending its life cycle with the best mounts, cleaning, and caps, and doing the best use of the money you have invested is a MUST! As you dive more and more into the creative field, you will realize that you can do a lot more with your equipment – by just attaching different mounts and accessories, so you will see it's worth it to extend its life cycle for as long as possible.

Simple Lens Accessories with a decent quality might just be the only thing you need when you are just starting. As you advance in your creative career, you will continue to invest in more good-quality lenses, so the lens accessories will continue to be an important part of your journey. So, learning more about them and deciding which one of those tools to buy first is really important.

Lens Accessories to Mount Moment Lenses

In order to use our amazingly powerful mobile lenses, you needed to have one of their compatible cases on your phone. Now, for those who enjoy a naked phone or rock a phone that doesn’t have a Moment case, there is the new Moment Lens Mount, a fun way to bring Moment views to your phone. ⁠Its multi-directional design means you can move the location of a Moment lens to align over any lens on your phone, even on a tablet! Whether you want to shoot on the front camera or any of the back cameras, this mount makes it simple.

A Moment Lens Mount enables you to attach any Moment lens to your camera phone. If you want to shoot on the front camera or any back camera, our lens mounts make it easy.

To use a Moment Lens Mount, you will simply put the mount over the front or rear-facing cameras, from the top or side of the phone, and slide the lens bracket along the rails until it lines up. Once you have it positioned correctly over the camera, you can use the thumbscrew to tighten it down.

What Are the available models of Lens Mounts?

Moment M-Series Lens Mount

The Moment M-Series Lens Mount may easily be attached to your camera phone with any M-Series lens. Its multi-directional design allows you to go up, down, right, or left. This mount makes it easy for you to create high-resolution content, whether you wish to film on your front camera or with any of the back cameras. The time to create your best pictures from any mobile device is here!

From our M-Series Lens models, there are five lenses in the current Moment M-series line-up: the 18mm wide-angle, the 58mm telephoto, the 25mm macro, the 15mm “Superfish” fish-eye, and the video-first anamorphic lenses

Moment O-Series Lens Mount

The Moment O-series Lens Mount enables you to easily attach any O-Series lens to your camera phone, for devices from 2017 or prior. We also recommend this setup if you are looking for a laptop webcam setup. Made of a light, but strong aluminum frame this mount uses a thumbscrew to securely attach to a variety of camera phones. Just slide it on, line up the lens, tighten the screw, and you’re ready to start shooting. It uses soft rubber contact points wherever it touches the phone to provide grip and avoid scratching the device. The slide-able mount and interchangeable end caps allow you to adjust the mount for proper alignment on any device.

Miscellaneous Accessories

While we have already talked about some of the mainly used accessories, there are still a few items that won’t fit those categories. The first one would be the mobile lens pouch. These are used to store your mobile lenses and also use the cloth to keep them clean – and can help to provide stability during outdoor shoots.

Are Lens Accessories useful?

Without a doubt. The usefulness of the lens mounts and accessories is undeniable. Depending on your needs, a lens mount will allow you to attach your lenses to any mobile device or an accessory to tidy your lenses. Smartphone mounts are useful in the creative sector for a variety of reasons, from attaching a smartphone to making video creation easier with a fluid head.

Mobile Lens Pouch

Microfiber storage pouch for Moment Lenses and the microfiber can be used to clean your lens too.

Macro Diffuser Hood

Spare diffuser hood for the Moment Macro Lens.

Anamorphic Lens Tools

Look after your Cinematic lenses, our Anamorphic lens cover is an absolute necessity when you’re taking pictures and adverse environments rain thinking of forest it’s good protection.

Anamorphic Lens Hex Tool

The hex tool is included with the purchase of our Anamorphic lens but if you've lost or misplaced yours, we've got you covered. The Spare Anamorphic Hex Tool is a replacement for your missing hex tool or just a handy extra. It's used to rotate your Anamorphic Lens to the correct orientation of your device.

Anamorphic Lens Cap

The lens cap protects the front of your lens from drops, scratches, and the occasional tumble. Fits specifically the Anamorphic Lens.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will a Lens Mount work for any device?

Our Moment Lens Mounts allow creators to attach Moment Lenses to any smartphone or tablet.

What types of Lenses can I attach to a Lens Mount?

You have two choices when it comes to using Moment Lenses:

If your mobile device was released in 2017 or later, we recommend utilizing M-series lenses and a Moment Case if one was available (Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, OnePlus). On these newer phones with larger image sensors, the combination of cover and lens produces the best image quality. If a smartphone doesn't have a Moment Case, we recommend the M-Series Lens Mount and M-Series lenses instead.

If you want to use your lenses on a smartphone from 2017 or before, the O-series Lens Mount and O-Series lenses should suffice. If you're looking for a laptop webcam, we also recommend the O-Lens Mount for it.

Selecting the best Lens Accessories for your needs

Selecting good lens accessories is important as it allows us to mount our gear, keep it clean, and protected. And we believe that with all this information available right on our website, you will finally be able to make a better purchase decision. However, for some reason, if you are still unable to decide what to buy, then you can get in contact with one of our Gear Guides. Our support team is always happy to help you out and even provide you personal recommendations based on your preferences, needs, and interests.