Moment Lenses - Original vs. New

You've probably noticed some amazing new lenses landing on our shop. Now that the next evolution of Moment is in full swing, we've received a lot of questions about what changes we've made.

Why New Lenses

iPhone 7, Pixel, and S8 are changing the future of mobile photography. Their use of larger aperture sensors forced us to do two things.

1) Redesign our lens interface. We had to move to a slightly larger interface, which no longer lets us support thin metal mounting plates. This new interface is stronger and easier to use. 

2) Redesign the glass on our Wide Lens. This is our best selling lens and in order to deliver edge to edge clarity without clipped corners we had to redesign the lens. 

If you want all the nitty-gritty detail on why along with how we designed these new lenses, take a look at this Momentist article

What's Different

Two things have changed.

1) New Interface

All of the new lenses include our new attachment interface. The new designs is slightly larger in diameter providing us with more surface area to make the attachment stronger. This means our new interface ONLY works with our new Photo Case and Battery Case. And our Original Interface only works with mounting plates or the Original Photo Case.

The diagram below shows which interface is compatible with which mounting solution.

2) New Glass

Our New Tele, Superfish, and Macro lenses DO NOT have new glass. They rely on the same great glass as the Original lenses. 

Our New Wide DOES have new glass and it's stunning. Our new, multi-element aspherical design delivers the edge to edge clarity that customers expect when shooting with the latest devices. 

Original Moment 18mm Wide Angle LensNew Moment Wide Angle Lens for iPhone 7

How They Attach 

The New and Original lenses have different options to attach the lens to the Phone.

The Original Lenses

New Lenses

Note: The new lenses no longer rely on mounting plates which means the only way they attach is with a Moment case. We did this because the user experience is significantly better and because we can make the interface more reliable over time.

Which Should I Buy

It depends on your device.

Pixel 2 / 2 XL, Galaxy S8 / S8+, Pixel / XL : you have to order the New Lenses. We only have Photo Cases for these phones. Order here.

iPhone 8 / 8 Plus, iPhone 7 / 7 Plus : you have to order the New Lenses. We have Photo Cases and Battery Cases for these phones. Order here.

iPhone 6 / 6 Plus : both sets work great. The Original Lenses are on sale so if you are looking to save a little bit of money this is a good way to go.

Everything else: the Original Lenses are the only option because we don't have new Photo Cases or Battery Cases for the older phones.