The New Reality TV: Vloggers to Watch in 2017

| Zach Reed
April 18, 2017
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There’s a reason some people think Youtube is slowly replacing television. Imagine there was a TV with a powerful search function that could instantly source thousands of content options to suit your mood. And it was free… Exactly.

But there’s a new champion of Youtube these days. Move over, music videos. Vlogs are the new king of YT content. They’re basically YouTube reality shows, and everyone seems to be watching them.

Anybody can vlog about their daily life and hobbies, but it takes someone really special to document and share their world with such flair that the internet can’t seem to look away. They’re charming or hilarious; they’re always doing exciting things, and they’re just plain fun to watch.

Here’s a list of our favorite vloggers right now:

Andrew Kearns

Check out Andrew's vlogs.

Sara Dietschy

Check out Sara's vlogs.

Casey Neistat

Check out Casey's vlogs.

Andrea Dabene

Check out Andrea's vlogs.

Marques Brownlee

Check out Marques' vlogs.

Ben Brown

Check out Ben's vlogs.

Louis Cole

Check out Lious' vlogs.

Rob Strok

Check out Rob's Vlogs.