The Moment Films You Missed This Season

| Caleb Babcock
February 17, 2017
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Wow. We seriously couldn’t be happier to wrap such an amazing first season of Moment Films. A huge thank you to our talented filmmakers, who truly brought the Make Your World Bigger theme to life, and to the overall Moment community, who gave these films the warmest welcome we could have asked for.

As Season One comes to a close, we thought it’d be great to give you another chance to enjoy the films you may have missed, so here they are:

‘Small Things’

by Tim Kellner


by Kyle Camarillo


by Elizabeth Weinberg

‘End of Season’

by Forrest Mankins

‘Pass By’

by Gareth Pon

’10 Days in Montana’

by Andrew Stoner


by Tiger in a Jar


by Justin Kaminuma

‘Inspire to Exist’

by Christian Cannon

‘Climbing With Brette’

by Adam Kingman

‘Granola Bar’

by Christian Sorensen Hansen


by Megan Eleanor Clark


by Filipe DeAndrade

‘Free Admission’

by Caleb Babcock

‘Home For the Holidays’

by Philip Leclerc