The Essence of Autumn: How To Take Stunning Fall Photos

| Moment
October 27, 2017
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Crisp mornings, boots, and pumpkin-spice lattés–Fall is all the rage for a good reason. And photographers all over the US are swooning right now for the changing colors. With such a brief peak season, it’s important to get out and make the most of Autumn.

Check out these tips to capture stunning Fall photos.

Use a Tele for “Portraits”.


The Moment Tele lens and Fall make a wonderful combo. Though the Tele serves as a portrait lens, you can create stunning portraits of more than just people. Use the Tele to capture beautiful details of leaves up close, or find a house with fall foliage for a “house portrait.”

Break it up with buildings.


There is no doubt that trees are beautiful this time of year, but you don’t have to live in the woods to capture cool photos. If you live in a city, you can use this to your advantage by framing shots with trees and buildings for an urban fall that will break up the typical landscape shots most people capture. Try finding a small side street and shooting from the middle of the crosswalk, or shoot buildings straight on and fill your frame.

Find some asphalt.

One of the most helpful things for shooting Fall photos is contrast. With all the beautiful colors, it’s helpful to have something to balance your photos. Black asphalt creates the perfect contrast for fall colors because of the way it catches highlights. If you can find a road with symmetrical trees, you’ll be in even better shape with perfect composition.

Immerse yourself in color.


Fall is a great season because of the beautiful colors changing all around. Try going out in the middle of the woods, or find a high vantage point to fully immerse yourself in the colors around you. I love the Superfish because of the ultra-wide field of view that lets me capture the feeling and so much more of the scene. Use this to your advantage in the fall by getting low to the ground so you can capture the full spectrum of color, from the leaves on the ground to the tops of the trees.

Fill your frame.

If you're lucky enough, you can find a concentration of a single color. This is the perfect chance to fill your frame. Filling the frame with a single color of Fall will make your photo feel like a painting and remove the distractions caused by your surroundings.