Product Review: Shooting With The New Wide Lens

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| Andrew Stoner
February 20, 2017
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All hardware companies go through phases. Think back to the first generation version of a tech product you own. When it launched, it probably seemed more incredible than you could have imagined, but fast forward a couple of years, and an even better version comes to life.

The same has happened at Moment. While our first generation of lenses are the best on the market, we saw the opportunity to advance our products one step further. The redesigned Moment Wide Lens is another step toward turning your phone into the best possible camera.

At our recent company gathering, Andrew Stoner had the chance to test out the new Moment Wide lens for the first time and had a few thoughts to share:

Shooting Landscapes

I love capturing the exciting new landscapes I encounter when I travel. The snow covered mountain tops of the Pacific Northwest provide the perfect contrast to my everyday life in Kansas City. While shooting with the new Wide lens I was able to capture the most quality landscape shots I’ve ever gotten on mobile.

Secure Mounting

One of my favorite things about the redesigned lens is how it mounts on the new cases. The new design allows for an even better mounting interface on the cases that give the lens a “click” feel when you rotate them into place. And with the new white marker on the side of the new cases too, mounting has never been easier or faster.

Aspheric Design

The new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus feature a F/1.8 aperture, which is larger than previous models and means more light and pixels in each photo. The design of the new Wide lens takes full advantage of this to capture stunning images with the 18mm glass. With the more complex aspheric design comes a surface profile that helps eliminate optical aberrations. Dark corners are a thing of the past thanks to the wider opening and aspheric optics.