Moment & The Great V2 Lens Mystery

March 23, 2017
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If lightning never strikes twice, then we’re a company of flying pigs. Or something like that.

Two weeks ago, we had two beautiful, new V2 Wide Lensprototypes in our possession. This week we have exactly none. In two weeks, we were robbed twice. First, we were pick pocketed on a NYC subway, and later, we were robbed in a Starbucks parking lot in Kent, WA.

Kent was the last straw for us. Aside from the fact that the prototypes were $13,000 each, it was the principle of the thing! We decided we were going to get that lens back. So we set out on a mission to find the thief.

We made flyers — with a very official composite sketch of the culprit.

We tracked the missing Apple devices on Find My iPhone and had a stake out — at least until our supply of spicy Cheetos ran out.

And when those ideas didn’t pan out, we took matters even further into our own hands — investigating the scene of the crime, interrogating suspicious characters, and accidentally trying to bribe the police.

The latest news is that the police may have found the perpetrators’ car! We’re waiting to hear if they can recover any stolen items, and in the meantime we’re just biting our nails and watching way too much True Crime television.

We’ll update this page as more developments occur! If you have any information about one of our missing lenses, please email us at