Moment Films | Andrew Stoner “Life As We Know It”

May 11, 2017
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Lisa, this one’s for you.

I fell in love with your courage and sincerity, your quiet confidence and humble heart. You don’t always feel like a warrior, yet you are one. You don’t always feel like an artist, yet you are one.

You make me want to be stronger, kinder, and more compassionate. You’ve taught me what it means to listen and love well.

For all the mothers - you are bold, brave, and fearless. We’re all lucky to have you.

We collectively thank you.

From all of us at Moment, we hope you spend your weekend exploring, creating, capturing intimate moments, and above all, celebrating a mom in your life.

Season Two: Life As We Know It

This Moment film, Life As We Know It, is brought to you by Andrew Stoner. Andrew gives us a glimpse inside the experience of being new parents and learning how to enjoy life from a new perspective. Enjoy!

Q & A With Filmmaker

Filmer Bio:

Andrew Stoner leads the Commerce Team here at Moment. Prior to Moment, Andrew was a director, producer, and freelance photographer at Catch All the Foxes. When he’s not busy crunching numbers, you can find him exploring Kansas City with his wife Lisa and son Jude.


Links To Their Work:





A few sentences talking about the film:

I find it fairly simple to capture beautiful imagery and set it to music, but telling a story in 90 seconds is much more challenging. Overall, it was such a blast to make, and it’s something I’ll cherish for a long time to come. For any young families out there, I’d definitely recommend creating films of your family. Time flies so quickly, and video captures something special that most photos are missing.

What made you decide to shoot this particular piece? What inspired you to make this film?

As a young parent, you’re constantly learning. Each and every day is an act of refinement. The parent’s journey is fascinating to me, and I really wanted to capture that in a raw manner.

Who is in the film or was involved in making it?

Our one-year old son Jude, and my amazing wife Lisa—we just celebrated our second anniversary. Woo!

What locations did you use?

Most of the film is shot in and around our new hometown, Kansas City, including Historic West Bottoms, Westport, and City and Light District. The car scene was filmed on a recent road trip from KC to Atlanta and back.

Tell us a little bit about how you set your iPhone up to shoot. What was your iPhone rig like?

What I love about mobile photography and videography is that it’s a tool that’s always with you, which makes it perfect for capturing the smallest parts of life in ways a larger camera can’t. About 95% of this was shot on the Moment Superfish. For a few scenes, I took off my Moment Case to use the DJI Osmo for stabilization.

What was your biggest challenge(s) of shooting this film all on a phone?

Easily the hardest part of shooting video on iPhone is capturing similar lighting from shot to shot. Thankfully, the Moment app gives you some great tools to control light; it was a huge help in creating a consistent look.

What are your 3 favorite moment products.

Original Superfish Lens
Original Wide Lens

Original Photo Case