12 Macro photos you won't believe were shot on an iPhone

| Moment
February 22, 2016
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We love tiny details–which is why we created a macro lens for your phone! Whether you’re a nature photographer looking to get a closer look at the world on the forest floor; or a fashion photographer hoping to catch the details in your fabrics, the macro lens allows you to capture the tiniest details.

We hope these photos become the inspiration you need to start shooting more macro photography. If you’re looking to integrate more stunning, detailed shots into your photos, macro photography opens your lens to a whole new world–one your phone previously could never discover!

Macro 1

1. Photo by Erica Simas

Macro 2

2. Photo by Vincent Carabeo

Macro 3

3. Photo by Bradley Castaneda

Macro 4

4. Photo by Kyle Camarillo

Macro 5

5. Photo by Erica Simas

Macro 6

6. Photo by Amanda Kirk

Macro 7

7. Photo by Jeff Marsh

Macro 8

8. Photo by Julia Manchik

Macro 9

9. Photo by Jose Tutiven

Macro 10

10. Photo by Jeff Marsh

Macro 11

11. Photo by Zach Reed

Macro 12

12. Photo by Vincent Carabeo